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Consumer feedback about Ochsner Medical Center - Northshore, L L C

Ochsner Medical Center
Reviewed from Google

2.8 out of 5 stars

Southern Joe
Southern Joe

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Some of the best nurses around the staff was very polite and hard-working.

Roney Long
Roney Long

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

I will rate this facility a 5 Star only because I can't give it a 10.
My wife Josephine spent 23 so days in ICU and the treatment and care was so good it was beyond belief.
I believe they are the reason she is alive today. I hope that if l have to go to the hospital l can go there.
Thank you for a job well done.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

My mom was there last week and spent three days. The staff was so genuine and kind. Be very proud, you guys are the best.

But that five star is a shutout to Christine in food service in the cafeteria and food delivery and prep. She helped find food my mom could eat as well as liked. She gave us the extra hand to care for her, Christine is the absolute best!!!!

David Abbenante
David Abbenante

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Recently had my first colonoscopy screening performed at the facility. The process was well organized, fast and the staff (receptionist up to the Dr) was extremely professional and kind. Highly recommend this place for this procedure.

Stephanie H
Stephanie H

1 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Went to the ER last night as my husband was feeling horrible; fever, chills, vomiting, sore throat and pain all over his body. We were there a total of 2 hours for them to swab him for the flu. They told him it wouldn't take long but it took about an hour for the results. After waiting for about 45 minutes, I went to find the nurse to see if the test had come back. I heard her yelling in the pod, where everyone sits, did the flu test come back on my patient? Another lady said negative. - I went back to the room as I figured they'd come in to give the results. After waiting another 30 minutes and no one ever coming in ONCE to check on him, I went back to the pod to find medical assistant (or nurse) playing on her computer looking at pictures. Really? So I approached her and asked for an update and was told they doctor will be in to speak to you all soon. After, at least, another 30 minutes the doc came back in to state the test came back negative but since he still shows signs of the flu, here's some medicine for the pain and for the vomiting. They didn't test him for anything else. When I asked about another test or if it could be anything else, he said no. That even though the test was negative, it's only right like 50% of the time. (what's the point of the test then?) My husband was miserable last night. This morning he woke up with his throat even worse and HUGE white puss spots all over his tonsils. I asked him if they tested him for strep and he said no. He called the hospital to inform them and they told him to go to Urgent Care. So, they wasted our time yesterday not taking my husband's illness serious enough to actually diagnose him correctly and then send us somewhere else because they are incapable of functioning their own jobs correctly. The doc literally spent less than 3 minutes with him. This hospital should be ashamed of their ER department. Last time we were here, about 3 years ago, they were amazing. Sad to see how downhill it's gone. I do not recommend this place if you care about your health.
** Update: He went to Slidell Memorial hospital where they did a FULL workup on him- chest x - ray, flu and strep test. They were attentive to him the whole time he was there and kept him updated as needed. He wound up testing positive for strep. Thanks Slidell Memorial Hospital for caring about your patients. We'd really be a sick and broke community if all we had available was Ochsner.

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