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Consumer feedback about Olympia Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Ketric Jenkins

Worst hospital. ever the lose you stuff.they lite asp they time me place for some body this really sick emergency room is cool but when Roy go tryings in to a night mere

Rating: 5 /5

gee cee

I don't write reviews but felt compelled to write this one. My back surgery was scheduled for 11-11-16 at another hospital but was moved to Olympia for reasons i don't know. After looking at the reviews online and adjusting the high/low score I was still skeptical. I would have considered postponing the surgery but I have waited a long time to get this done. My arrival time was 0500. My wife and I were met by a security guard who showed us where to park and then walked us to administration for check in. After check in I met the first of several nurses who would be taking care of me. I gotta say he was a really great guy. Every nurse and doctor I had through out my three day stay was fantastic. I had six nurses in the surgery theater (that I know of) and at least nine that took care of me in my room. That is fifteen out of fifteen nurses that were kind and caring. My experience here was as good as it gets for a major surgical procedure.

Rating: 1 /5

Lauren Cole

My father was brought in to the emergency room by paramedics after falling down some stairs one morning. He should have insisted that they take him to Cedars Sinai instead. The hospital insisted that he check in, stay for the day and overnight, and they refused to release him sooner. In the 24 hours he was there he never saw an orthopedist to check out his ankle (which they said was broken) and knee (which they said was ok but it swelled up and looked broken), although he was promised several times that an orthopedist was on the way. He only saw one doctor-- for a few minutes after several hours of waiting-- and the guy didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Even though they insisted on keeping him overnight "for observation" no one came into his room to check on him until 5:30 am. Fortunately his regular doctor was able to check him out and into St Johns the next morning. DO NOT BE ADMITTED TO THIS HOSPITAL!!

Rating: 2 /5

Jack Kessler

Friend came in with a dislocated shoulder. It took them 3 hours to see him even though he was in an insane amount of pain. I had to assist the doctor and nurses with moving him around because they were understaffed. A nurse was rude to my friend and was frequently arguing with the doctor about his decisions. They finally put him under and popped it back into place after my friend begged them to. Don't come here.

Rating: 1 /5

Life journeys With Mia

I had always been in this Hospital for Emergencies they had always been so good with me, Until my grandma broke her leg it was the worst service I had ever seen!!!!! Not only did they treat my grandmother bad and give her UGLY faces but they also ROUGH HANDLED her. DR. Lang is one of the most Ignorant and Bad doctors I have ever been in contact with. I am highly DISAPPOINTED with this Hospital. I have seen doctors google things and not even know the condition people are in. My grandmother has Osteoporosis and Dr. Lang wanted to have her in surgery!! It is evident that this doctor either doesn't care or is discriminating my grandmother because of her color. To recommend and peer pressure us with surgery after knowing she has osteoporosis that is some racist/careless thing to do. I am so sorry Olympia but this year you have upset me and let me down. I will have to go with a report to the ombudsman.