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Consumer feedback about Orchard Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Erika Santiago

I work for a medical office and had issues with their lab department not wanting to register a patient of mine because they only spoke Spanish. I had to continuously call the patient and the receptionist to help translate and get our patient's labs drawn. Some people are so ignorant and need to leave their ego at the door especially when you work for a hospital who's first priority is patient care.

Rating: 5 /5

Jeana Hartman

Dr. Kaut was absolutely amazing. The way he treated and communicated with my 3 year old while gluing the corner of her eye was heartwarming and perfect. He treated her with the care and respect he would an adult. I've never had a more wonderful experience at an emergency room, the staff spoiled us for any other emergency rooms.

Rating: 1 /5

Graceanne Paulson

The Intake Lady at the front desk on Saturday was very rude. The doctor and nurse was very nice and helpful did not make me feel uncomfortable for coming in. However about 2 months ago when I came in for Vertigo the Doctor on staff was very rude. Will seriously walk out if I ever see him again.

Rating: 1 /5

Christina Stowell

The worst ER experience that I have ever had! I went in for severe ear pain. Doctor Lum finally came in as we were stuffed in a small room for an hour and a half after sitting in the waiting room for an hour. First thing that came out of his mouth was "where are you from?" I told him and he said, "Well, there's a hospital there." Meaning, I was bothering him to ask for care. He looks into my ears, doesn't give me barely a thorough look. I am in horrible pain and irretatated at this point. It's 10 pm and no pharmacies around that are open. He writes a script for my antibiotics and I asked about something for my pain until I can go get my prescription filled tomorrow since it's so late and I'm in terrible pain. Prednisone? Motrin? I was in so much pain I was crying my ear hurt so bad. The nurse said that she's not the middle man. I just took my paper work and left.

Rating: 1 /5

Sabrina Austin

Absolutely THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! I will leave it at that as the "treatment" or lack of by the doctor there May very well be going further. The staff was great for the most part other than I was there long before many of the people who arrived after me and by the time I was taken back it was a ghost town in that waiting room. I am a former EMT so I am well aware of triage protocol and I most definitely should have gone back long before MOST! If you are curious about my experience just look on the hospitals Facebook page. My posts are there. I have 3 words FAILURE TO TREAT!