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Orthocolorado Hospital at St Anthony Med Campus

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Consumer feedback about Orthocolorado Hospital at St Anthony Med Campus

Rating: 5 /5

Keith Miller

Top notch place! Amazing staff!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Tom Karas

This is a two part review. First I will say I am extremely pleased with Dr. Foran and his staff on the outcome of my knee replacement. I could not ask for better care and results. Just making it thru the anesthesia process was a totally different story. My doctor suggested a spinal block which was new to me. I have experienced nine prior knee and shoulder surgeries and each time it had been thru general anesthesia. The doctor explained the spinal took a lesser toll on the body so I agreed to give it a try. BIG mistake. I was subjected to over a dozen needle injections and my back looked like a pin cushion. My heart rate sank to 38 and blood pressure fell to 60 over 30. I was referred to by the staff as having the skin of an Armadillo! My response was that this Armadillio was going to vomit on the operating table so they picked up a trash can and I threw up right there on the spot. The staff then administered some drug to bring my numbers back to acceptable levels to move forward with the general anesthesia. In the recovery room my knee did not hurt at all but my abdomen and lower back was killing me. I asked my wife to take a look and that's when she snapped the attached picture. The lesson to be learned here is LIMIT the number of attempts to execute a spinal block so the patient is not subjected to this type of experience.

Rating: 5 /5

Laura Stark

I had the best care I ever received from any Hospital. I had Lumbar spinal surgery by Dr. Drewek. The day of my surgery I was in a room and it seemed like so many of the staff were coming in to meet me. They all told me their names and what their duties were. I made sure to tell them my name too. Your nursing staff and Certified Nurses Assistants are incredible. I wish I could remember all of their names. I only remember 2 names - Anne (nurse that put on the preview presentation and the other was a night nurse, Jill. I thought the entire staff were terrific.

Rating: 5 /5

Jim Wagner

Outstanding care attention to detail this place is what hospitals want to be I just got home from a total hip replacement

Rating: 5 /5

Jay C Born

I had 3 level cervical fusion in December 2015 & the staff was great. Highly recommended.