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1475 W 49th Pl, Hialeah, FL 33012, USA
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Consumer feedback about Palm Springs General Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Ivonne McDole

I am writing this review in hopes that the correct person reads and offers training where needed. My mom was brought to this hospital on 12/19/17. While in the emergency area she was treated quickly although by caretakers that seemed to be frustrated w any questions asked. My mom was admitted and spent the night in ICU area. This area was at first very helpful. Once the night shift came in it became a totally different atmosphere. My sister had to explain to the nurse that they were going to give my mom two doses of medicine which she was suppose to drink one of (scary). A group of nurses aid where laughing and carrying on about one of the patients which seemed to have Alzheimer's. Patient was calling out for her son who was not there. One hospital member said to remedy this he would cover her face w pillow. All aids around him laughed. (Heartbreaking and extremely alarming). The head nurse attending to us was rude and did not like that we asked questions. The next day we were moved to 3rd floor where we were for the night. Best nurse Ms Torres took great care and answered all of our questions. Again nurses aids seemed very annoyed and not thrilled to answer questions. We were thrilled to be able to go home on Thursday late afternoon. Even the nurse who wheeled out my mom downstairs seemed to be so annoyed it was uncomfortable. The staff seemed to be annoyed to work or as if we were interrupting their time to talk and eat among their groups. Please if you are reading this I hope training or action is taken. The care of elderly or injured is a very serious job which requires patience and special care. Most of the staff seemed to be students or newly graduates. Must be monitored by experienced nurses before someone gets hurt. Thank you to the gentleman that took my mom from emergency to ICU; to her CT scans and then to the 3rd floor. All of the testing techs. Very nice and helpful. A special thanks to nurse Torres. All others need to be evaluated. Nights were 12/19 in ICU and night of 12/20 morning of 12/21 on 3rd floor.

Rating: 2 /5

Spoild Brad Shanound,NR Mayor, Margaret Bruno, the lady who change you water or an all the accident at bed, and all the staff from 3rd floor are striving for Excellency and only a resident the only one who did not look as a Doctor is like Trump instead of your fired you are discharged the was a patient that could'nt urinate and told her you are discharge try to pii at home and she had only one kidney this biggot thinks that is the owner of the Larking hospital at 1475w 49 st Hialeah poor patients 5 star for staff zero star for this folk who for not knowing his job and . I hope you get fired.!!!;!

Rating: 1 /5

Yanitsy Echenique

If i could rate zero stars i would.My mother has been here for 5 days and counting . She went in for a sevre ear infection, the er staff was helpful and gave her antibiotics along with a scan of her brain to make sure the infection hasn't spread. They decided to leave her in the hospital and gave her a room and thats when everything went downhill. Not once have they checked her ear since she got a room, and every time i ask a nurse a question they always give me an attitude and say that they cant do what i ask them. It can be a simple question like can she get some ice. idk everyone here seems to have such a snarky attitude. Next time we have a problem WE WILL NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL., plus they dont id anyone who walks in ,.

Rating: 4 /5

Lion Andretti

My three day stay at larkins felt more like a vacation then an emergency. The only complain I have is the food aside from that everything else is great.

Rating: 1 /5

Anisley Lopez

This is the worst and most disgusting hospital in all of the United States. You need a nurse or assistant and no one comes, the front desk staff ignores you and everyone has plenty of time to stand around gossiping and laughing. The nurse aides look at you with angry looks when you call them to assist a patient. There are no blankets, no hospital clothes... THERE IS NO HOT WATER IN THE BATHROOM. I will never allow another family member to ever come here again.