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Consumer feedback about Paradise Valley Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Katrina Dupre

I went in for lower abdomen and back pain.first of all the hospital is very dirty I seen them take one person out of the room and brought someone new in there they didn't change the bedding or nothing and the baled I was in the sheets were dirty and there was bloody bandaids all over the back of bed and on floor. They told me I had a pulled muscle but didn't once check me for anything this is the worst and the dirtiest hospital ever....I have no clue why they are even open! I have contacted the health department hopefully they get shut down

Rating: 1 /5

Sophia_ Wonders

Dirty. The acute rehab center denied my mother admittance based on her being a possible MediCal patient. She then suffered another stroke while trying to find a rehab facility. Then once the calendar month was coming to an end, they pushed her out onto another facility with not more than a couple of hours notice. Certainly, this was to avoid the possibility of getting "stuck" with a possible MediCal patient. After all the time me and my family took to choose this place for my mother, they didn't give us any time to prepare for her "transfer" and she ended up at a facility that we surely wouldn't have chosen. I would never recommend this place and I hope they go out of business. I hope they feel the pain of what they do to their "patients."

Rating: 1 /5

Joseph S

My father-in-law was brought in to the ED from complications of pneumonia (unknown at that time). He was in extreme pain with every breath it took and he was crying out from it. The ED nurse that was taking care of him, told him curtly to "shut up you're being loud." First of all, where is the professionalism? Would you ever say that to a customer? I wouldn't. Second, where is the compassion? Nurses should be taking care of their patients physical and psychosocial needs. For him to tell him to "shut up" because he was crying out from pain is outright demeaning. Nurses should be assessing the problem and figuring out to fix it. NOT telling them to shut up. If he did not have compassion, why not have some empathy? How would that nurse feel if he was in pain with every breath he took? Probably the same way as my father in law, but people tend to forget to see how it's like in other peoples shoes. We are never going to this hospital ever again, and the only reason we did this time was because it was the closest ER around. Next time, we'll drive the extra 10 minutes to a Sharp or Kaiser, but never again at Paradise Valley.

Rating: 1 /5

Rayleen Allen

I come in to ER and the first thing i see is 5 nurses smoking cigarettes and the smell was inside the hospital and even in the ER. The lobby was pretty empty but it still took them 1 hour get us to the back. We sat in the back for over 2 hours and still we have not seen a doctor. All of the nurses are rude and they yell across the hallway all of the patients information. This is the worse hospital in San Diego.

Rating: 1 /5

Armour Mendia

More than 90 minutes waiting just to register, when it was my turn the lab was already closed. Prices are very similar to other good hospitals, avoid this one.