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2305 Georgia St, Louisiana, MO 63353, USA
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Consumer feedback about Pike County Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

John Grzeskowiak

Staff generally very helpful and friendly, but the prices charged for procedures and devices is beyond obscene - considerably above other providers and those in larger markets (3X higher than San Diego Ca and 4X higher than similar sized health providers in Mo). When I visited to ask / negotiate fair rates for the emergency procedures I had, was treated rudely and offered a paltry 10% discount. Was also told that 10% off was not customary and was being specially extended to me, but after speaking with other former patients, they were all phoned after their visits and offered the same thing. Pains me to award only 1 star to my closest health care provider, but I simply can’t reward this level of greed in good conscience. If I were strictly reviewing the medical and ancillary staff, would be 5 stars.

Rating: 5 /5

Melissa Whaley

I just want to say I've been too this Emergency Department twice in three days!! My Nurses both times were amazing! I had the same doctor both visits and he was amazing as well!! The staff here made sure I was well taken care of!! The kept we well informed of my condition and made sure to address my pain!! I would definitely tell people about this hospital!! They are very caring!!

Rating: 1 /5

Margaret House

My experience at this hospital was unfortunate. I was there for a doctor's appointment for my daughter. At this appointment the nurse practitioner asked us to go straight to the E.R. ,so that further test could be ran. Test that I feel she could have consulted with the Doctor she practices under about. The reason for the doctors appointment in the first place was to keep cost down. With all that aside. We were told her urine was a mess and that it was possible it could be her appendix she needs a c.t. scan. So we go down stairs and wait in the E.R for approximately 5 hours and the doctor said complete opposite as nurse practitioner . No she is not dehydrated and she probably has a kidney infection and we shouldn't do C.T because of all the radiation, besides she is so young. However it is totally up to us. He would probably take antibiotics and pain medication and come back if it doesn't get better. Well thank the Lord above we didn't listen to him. Her appendix burst and she had an abscess. Her body is full of infection. I can't say that it was all bad . The radiology team ,nurse and the ambulance team that tended to her was great. I truly hope that the hospital reviews this and learns something. If there is a slight chance that it could be a life or death situation than I think I would be pounding it into those Doctors heads don't leave anything to chance. Definitely don't try to talk your patients out of something that could save their life.

Rating: 1 /5

cats pluto

I have yet to have a pleasant experience at this hospital. The doctors seem incompetent, uncaring, or just plain rude. The ER staff appears to be lazy and misguided. The cleanliness is sub-par. "Walk in" hours are posted, but you always have to make an appointment to be seen. The only doctor they have on clinic staff currently has a horrible bedside manner and an inflated sense of superiority. I wouldn't go back to this hospital if I were having a heart attack.

Rating: 1 /5

Jerry Smith

Incompetent staff, subpar diagnosis...overall poor service. My fiancee was admitted for anomalies in her blood work and low blood pressure. In around 24 hours she was given next to zero ideas about the root cause of her condition despite the numerous tests and scans. To top it all off the nurses were rude and dismissive, the doctor accused my lady of being defensive because she was asking questions about her condition, and she was discharged STILL without any clue what was wrong. If you choose this hospital be aware that you're wasting money that could go toward medical attention at a competent hospital with well trained staff.