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16420 West Highway 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863, USA
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Consumer feedback about Pikes Peak Regional Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Rosy Ahtye

In Mid December 2017, my husband was suffering a heart attack and I brought him into the Pikes Peak Regional and I have to say the hospital staff and all the doctors and nurses saved my husbands life. They worked on him for hours, I was never asked to leave the room. They treated us with such devotion and kindness. As it turned out they were unable to perform the procedure my husbands heart required and they had an ambulance take us to UCMemorial down in the Springs. My husband is now doing well and we are very pleased with all who attended to my husband. Thank you PPR for being here in Woodland Park.

Rating: 1 /5

banmox writer

Last night I woke up unable to breathe. I couldn't drive, so my husband had to drive me and our kids down to this place, and it's over an hour away from us. They wouldn't let my family back with me, and basically refused to help me. Some fascinating quotes from my visit: "We won't test you for the flu, because all our tests come back POSITIVE" wait, what?? "We could give you a chest x-ray but if you do have pneumonia, we won't treat you. We only treat pneumonia in children under two or adults over 65." Excuse me?? Jim Henson /died/ from pneumonia. "Well you look fine." DID I ASK HOW I LOOKED? "Are you pregnant, or could you be?" I told them yes I could be pregnant, they never tested me. They asked me if I had a fever, I told them my temp when I left home was 99.8, to which the nurse rudely snapped, "that's not a fever, it's an elevated temperature, and we don't consider it a fever unless you're higher than 101°" Now I could understand their behavior if they were busy, if they had many people with missing limbs or hear attacks, but when I got there, the lights were off, and I was the only patient there. Excuse me if I cut into your Facebook time with my inconsiderate body refusing to breathe. But I'm sure that's not an issue. All they did for me? Gave me a half a teaspoon of cough syrup, ((I'm not kidding)) and sent me on my way with a prescription for more cough syrup. TL;DR: if you go to this hospital, they will refuse to treat you, but will gladly take your money.

Rating: 1 /5

Caren Wright

I don't need the owner's response. It's clear they won't change after all their previous unhappy patients. I wouldn't even give this ER one star if I could. I'm 52 years old, I took a fall off a ladder 14 feet in the air. I hit the back side of my neck on the top edge of my cabinet on the way down, which knocked me unconscious. Trust me, you'll be glad you went somewhere else. ER took an x-ray, which I told them was against my better judgement, but I allowed one anyway to satisfy what I'm sure is their liability & billing practices (cash patient). I asked them for an MRI on my neck as well, as I was certain nothing would show up in the x-ray (which it didn't). They refused and even went one step further to say they DIDN'T HAVE THE EQUIPMENT at the hospital to do an MRI - which was an OUTRIGHT LIE. They did an x-ray and gave me some awful immobilizer contraption which caused worse pain. Arrived in severe pain and tears. Left in worse pain and tears. Will NEVER return to this hospital for medical care. Two days later, still in severe pain, I had an MRI elsewhere. It showed that I have two severely herniated disks in my neck, and the disks above and below those where dangerously bulging. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I went back to the ER and asked to speak with the ER Director. Instead, they sent me the charge nurse on duty. Thanks. I calmly explained what had transpired in their ER, and what I finally found was REALLY wrong after having to seek medical care elsewhere. She literally shrugged her shoulders and told me their ER staff did what they were supposed to do. WORST Emergency Room I've ever been to. Oh, and they did nothing to alleviate the severe pain I was suffering.

Rating: 5 /5

Bethany Bresee

Unfortunately had to use the ER after a reoccuring back injury and wow, was it a terrific experience at Pikes Peak! I've dealt with this back issue for a few years and had to make a handful of ER visits in different states (we travel full time) but this was by far the best and quickest. The intake, nurses and doctor were great, listened to me on what course of action always works and I was in and out of there (and finally out of pain) within an hour. We have no insurance and are cash pay so when I received the invoice today was very pleasantly surprised at the very affordable charge. We have paid significantly more for less quality of care in the past. Thank you to the ER staff who were working on 8/19!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Stephanie Rawlings

I cannot belive the verbal abuse i just recieved from pikes peak regional hospital... my son has been sick for a while we noticed he had been rubbing his eye alot.. so i pull him close and grab aflash light and see this hude cloudy mass over his eye.. not know what the hell it was i freaked out thinking something was wrong. I called 911... ambulance shows and tell me its pink eye.. still worried something might be seriously wrong given he has been sick for months with ear infections, vomit this morning and a rash i made a desicion to get transported to the hospital so he can be monitored on the trip there... ems makes me feel stipid but they did it anyways. We get to the hospital get checked in and a nurse shows up and says wjat in the world made you call 911... proceeds to tell me that 911 should be used for more urgent situations such as my childs not breathing, he has been injured bla bla bla... so i told the lady that one my husband was already on his way here to meet us and i had no ride. Two i have never before seen this happen to someone so i was worried.. it shouldnt matter i didnt call 911 cause my son had pink eye i called because i was scared he was seriously in trouble. I am not going to let a nurse tell me i need to be educated on what an emergency is and treat me like i am ignorant and nieve. #worsthospitalever #pikespeakregionalhospital #krdo