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401 NW 42nd Ave, Plantation, FL 33317, USA
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Consumer feedback about Plantation General Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Meghan Schubert

I gave birth to my son almost three months ago, and my experience at this hospital was incredible. I had a c-section, and almost everyone that worked at the hospital was very professional and compassionate. I was beyond terrified because I had never had a surgery like that before, and I couldn't stop shivering from fear. The anesthesiologist was the sweetest woman, and patient, talking to me through the whole surgery. My doctor and everyone else in the OR was also very professional and compassionate, and if I could choose who would help if I have another child, I'd want the very same doctors, anesthesiologist, nurses, pediatrician, etc. The maternity nurses were also the sweetest women! They were patient, compassionate, and professional, especially Valerie and Shallet...they went above and beyond. The room was clean and private. The only negative part of my stay at the hospital was the lactation consultant. My son wasn't breastfeeding well and I ended up having to supplement with formula. My husband and I requested a consult with the lactation consultant for three days, and she spent maybe two minutes with me the third day and seemed like she was in a hurry to get somewhere. I had waited hours to see her that day while she was with other patients, which I didn't mind, but was shocked with how little time she spent with me. When I got home I read what usually went into a lactation consultation and I got none of that. I was only told to keep pumping...she didn't teach me positions, techniques, examine my baby and I, etc. My son is my first child so I felt clueless when I realized how much can be involved with breastfeeding. My son never did breastfeed well since then despite my best efforts and is unfortunately fed formula 99% of the time since my supply is decreasing. Breastfeeding was really important to me and upset me when it didn't work. I definitely feel that had I had an actual lactation consultation, perhaps things would have turned out differently. However, I'd still go to this hospital again if I have a second child because the rest of the staff was so good. Thank you!

Rating: 1 /5

Nicole Nicole

LESS THAN 1 STAR!- I Never give reviews but this hospital-specifically the ER is the WORST hospital I’ve ever been to!!!!! There is ZERO professionalism, ZERO customer service, ZERO general care or concern for your situation with staff. I’ve had to come here for a few reasons but I WILL NEVER step foot in PLANTATION GENERAL HOSPITAL AGAIN!!!!! They treat you like dirt, none of the staff smiles, unless they are wasting time talking amongst themselves LOUDLY either in the halal ways, behind the counter and even in the rooms with patients!!! One time two nurses were talking over me, laughing, and one of them used profanity and I’m just sitting here with a temp of 102.3!!!! (I had the flu apparently). In any case the staff walk right past you, the DOCTORS spend ZERO time with you and they are not even nice! I felt like I was at a ghetto training hospital. It didn’t seem real, i felt like everyone working was still a student. Simply theee worst experiences I’ve ever ever had when coming here!! Seriously people, if you are not dying... and even if you are....go to another hospital, if not you will regret it and be treated with less than mediocre care!!! Place should be shut down.

Rating: 1 /5

Melissa Costenbader

My son was bon at this hospital. It has to be one of the worst hospitals in the state of Florida. The doctors were supposed to give weekly updates, & I only heard from them once. The nurses are very neglectful, & are only concerned about themselves & their precious conversations. My son sat in his dirty diapers for hours!! When ever you ask any one a question, no one can ever seem to give you a straight answer. Very sloppy hospital. Please don't have your children here, they are horrible people.

Rating: 5 /5

Taiyaba Qadri

I gave birth at this hospital and i had an amazing time here with all the help of the nurses and midwife! Loved the service and everything else about this place. Thank you for being so wonderful!

Rating: 5 /5

Q Jordan

I checked in the Hospital on Monday Feb 5, 2018 @10:00 to have my baby and as soon as I arrived the nursing staff knew exactly who was and immediately start prepping me for my c-section, I'm actually in tears bc before I arrived there I was nervous after reading the reviews so I prayed to My God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and asked for protection and to lead and guide us through a safe and healthy delivery and God did that for me, he blessed the day he assigned RN Katie, RN Sandra RN Eurikiah, RN Carol, RN Katherine,just to name a few you ladies will be blessed the way you took care of me made sure I had everything I needed and when I needed it, I truly felt like I was family not just there patient and my son was just as well cared for as myself, from the bottom of my heart it's ladies like you that makes a piece of heaven seem even more real than what we read about Lead Nurse Kelly thanks for such a wonderful staff during my stay at Plantation, hats off to you All. Ladies and gents this is a real experience review don't believe everything you hear I was well cared for by a phenomenon group of highly experienced and well trained performer's of wonderful angels thanks again. Sincerely Ms.Jordan Checked out today Feb 9, 2018 @5pm