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Consumer feedback about Providence Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Elisabethlee.lm Martins

Brought my fiancee in for bladder retention following his bladder ca. The wait time was less then a hour and we were brought back to the urgent care where the staff was amazing. The Nurse Practitioner Benjamin Clark and his staff nurses were so amazing, kind and professional. We were able to leave with the correct diagnosis, supplies, medication and discharge instructions in a very timely matter. The entire experience was positive and a highly recommended ER staff. Thank you all for a very wonderful experience.

Rating: 3 /5

Quavardis Morrell

Great Nurses but the parking lot and parking area is not as secure as it should. There has been a series of break ins. PLEASE BOOSTS SECURITY & CAMERAS PRESENCE TO ENSURE BETTER STAFF & PATIENT SAFETY THOSE ARE OUR LOVED ONES!

Rating: 5 /5

Christopher Anglin

The triage nurses in the ER are so pleasant and made me feel very comfortable even while running a high fever. The triage nurse Madelyn Howard was so unbelievably sweet and she even got me to laugh during my vital check. Considering I was by myself on this visit she made me forget how much pain I was in. I've never seen such kind staff. My x-ray nurse was very helpful and noticed I was shivering from fever chills and had my x-ray done really fast so I could put my jacket and blanket back on. I wish there was a way to speak to their superiors I would express to them how much they helped me today.

Rating: 1 /5

katrina ogren

I got to the ER at 8:30am. There were not many others in the waiting room at that time. I watched as other patients came in and were called directly back to see a doctor. I was not brought back until 11am where I waited some more. I was told that I was not sick enough to be seen yet.

Rating: 3 /5

Mike Meadows

First off I have always used providence Hospital as my personal 1st Choice Hospital And I had two stays just in 2017. I have Always recieved great care at Providence but the staff now always seems short handed and they are working themselves to death. Things were much better when it was Providence Hospital before Assension Healthcare A Patient satisfaction survey should always start with the Employee Satisfaction first . If you achieve High Employee satisfaction then the patient Satisfaction will follow, I would imagine the staff turnover is very High which is a good KPI and I don’t see this as a Successful long term business model, Thank you to all the Providence Staff for the Difficult Jobs that you do that sadly go unrecognized by so many Sincerely. Mike Meadows