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Consumer feedback about Sierra View Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Connie Rojo Oropeza

Best experience in OB/Delivering both times my daughters were born there (5 stars). However the ER is horrible, staff does the very minimum just to get you out. PA was not friendly at all just came in and out of the room with out giving a full exam to my 5 year old. If I would not have taken her to Valley Children's my daughter would not have been diagnosed correctly.

Rating: 3 /5

The Racc Pack

Feel like dying? Look no further! Come on in, take a seat and kick back you could probably go unnoticed till you meet your demise! Feeling thirsty? Drink from the faucets, it's more chemically altered than microwave sludge! What's that you say? You only have a short amount of time to die before the crazy house catches you? No problem, just grab a dirty needle lying around under the beds and off you go!! From dust to dust you can litteraly choke on it, just grab a handful from behind the plant pots!

Rating: 1 /5

Dane Roberts

Worst hospital trip ever. Not a single member of the staff even acted like they cared about what was going on. I had to ask for a blanket 5 times before finally getting one. The doctor ignored everything he was told, then disappeared for the remainder of my visit. The nurse went on her lunch without saying a word. I've never experienced such incompetent apathy from a team of medical professionals. Bottom line: Take the time to go to another hospital. It just might save your life.

Rating: 1 /5

Mariah Toledo

The OB / Labor Floor was great while i had went into labor and finally got sent from the ER . While i was giving labor my sons Dr.Lisa Garbner she was great. They worked as team and it went fast . Now being discharged took sooo long. But the ER experience was horrible . Extremly worried my son at 2 months got a high fever of 101.4 and has went has as 102.1 extremly dangerous for an infant. As we wait...... for what flt like 2 hours my son kept jerking and shaking.i had thought he was going in to shock. So i ean to get a nurse. And it tokk almost 10 min . For her to find the doc. And as he checked my son and what i mean is just looked him over and felt his temp he said okay.... now tell me why u are cryjng.... and i said what ? Why i am crying ? What do u mean ? Look at him why does he kepp doing that (as he crys so much he cant evn brethe. ) he says what do u mean hes a baby hes guna cry. And i tolf him no he dont cry l ike that there gots be something wrong. Thwy just smerkdd and asked me .. os this ur first baby. ? I repky yes. And he smiled and said okay ill just send my nurse to get blood and and urine sample with took them over 3 times to gwt the neddle in because the nurse didnt seem to have a clue or was pre pared . Rolling around the room. With a baby layin crying woth a needle in his arm a women hold him down . And he needs to grab a diffrent need be cause he missed ....thats not the nurse put the cathiter in him wrong one time and had to do it agaain . Still no pee till she took it out n he peed all over the. Bed the she stck a bagg in him that was sealed properly. Times and experiemces like this make u wanna learn home medicines ir remides or make u wish u had a car... if u ever come. Here for somethinv rather call my doc n schedual an apt. Then wait for 16-18 hours for a doc and assistance. .

Rating: 1 /5

Paige Posey

If you can make it to another hospital, please do. I have SO many complaints.. My water broke and they made me wait in the waiting room. The nurse didnt believe my water broke until she finally checked, she was a b****. They took forever doing everything, as soon as I got pain medication my baby came so it didnt have time to work until after she was born. I was STARVING, hadnt eaten for 12+ hours and they wouldnt give me anything. My boyfriend said there was dust falling off the ceiling while I was giving birth. He had to leave when I got pain meds and when they called him back in they didnt tell him I was already pushing. A nurse asked another nurse if I needed oxygen and she said 'no but we can say it helped' and then I had an oxygen mask on. One of the NICU nurses was sick; coughing and sneezing all the time. Another nurses hair kept falling out everywhere. I wanted to breastfeed but they ended up giving her a bottle AND a pacifier w/out my knowledge. She was under the bili lights for jaundice and her protective goggles would fall off since she'd get cranky when the nurses messed with her Nd the nurses wouldnt fix her goggles. A nurse said she was going to measure the intensity of the light and never did. My daughters heartbeat went up super high and oxygen dropped for a long time and the monitor was beeping and I was freaking out and called a nurse and they didnt come until 10 mins later when my boyfriend came back in and then went out to get a nurse. A couple nurses just sucked. Theres a new nurse that doesnt know what shes doing. One that half-a** swaddles my baby. And one that changed her wrong. Her temperature was almost a degree too low and not because of her; the hospital room is absolutely FREEZING, especially at night. We had to stay extra days because they can't just turn the heater up (its 74 but feels like 65 and even lower at night!). There is no communication at all between anyone here. We were going to be discharged but the dr. forgot to tell a nurse before leaving. They never know anything about our situation, we have to explain it all. Oh, and the first day she was born a nurse let me take her back to our room and an hour later the dr. came and took her back to the NICU saying they werent supposed to do that since she's only 34 weeks gestational age. Last night, the new nurse came in while I was asleep and started checking my daughter and she didnt wake me up so I woke up startled seeing that someone was holding her(all the other nurses wake me up and ask to check her). That nurse also wouldn't swaddle her back up. In the incubator I changed her and accidentally touched a button and changed the settings so we got a nurse and she put it up higher and then another nurse came and said it was way too high and lowered it. Nurses keep guessing when we'll leave but they always get our hopes up and then get let down. Theyll give me food even after being discharged but not my boyfriend who doesnt want to leave either. One time they didnt give me food though and I asked for a tray and was told theyd give me one.. And I still never got dinner. The food is garbage anyways. Everyone takes FOREVER to get anything done and they forget about doing certain things. Everytime I ask them to get my milk from the fridge it takes them about half an hour to get it and then I also have to warm it up. The nurses are super loud when they come in and my babys asleep. There was a bunch of hair in our bathroom the 1st day we got here and it wasn't mine nor my boyfriends. They didnt take our trash out for like 3 days and it stunk really bad and they dont mop the whole floor. Sometimes they forget to pick up my food tray until the next meal. I've been waiting on discharge papers since 11am and its 4pm now. I asked multiple nurses when they'd print them and all I get is something along the lines of "we're busy" "I'll see what I can do". The only good thing about this hospital is that its a hospital and theyve made sure my daughter is ok, anywhere else would do better.