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2809 Denny Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39581, USA
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Consumer feedback about Singing River Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Paul Davis

Went in the morning of Feb 14th, 2018 under the watchful eye of Dr Burks and his professional team for surgery. Everything went well and as planned. I was treated very well. My room was clean and orderly and faculty was professional. I want to especially commend RN Kay, who was on duty as my nurse. She did an outstanding job making sure that I was as comfortable as possible and had my required meds when needed. I would also like to commend PCA Shea, who was also on duty that night. She was a very pleasant young lady. Took my vitals, yet did not interfear with my "dozing" on and off. She made me extremely happy when at 4: 30am asked if I needed anything, I asked for a cup of coffee and she took it upon her self to make a pot at the nurses lounge and bring me a cup. Again thank you ladies for feeling well taken care of. From my registration to pre-op to surgery I have no negative comments on the way that I was treated at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula. 5 stars and a thumbs up rating from me.

Rating: 1 /5

Alexandria Enich

I went in because I had a sore swollen puss filled sack in my throat my room had some one else's used IV fluid bag with the lines and everything hooked up to the machine still when the guy came in to give me my antibiotics he asked me if I had any allergies I said dextromethoraphan he said "what is that a steroid" I looked at him like he was stupid and said no it is a cough suppressant it's the main ingredient in robitussin and every other over the counter medication he said "don't get Smart with me" in a very angry tone I don't think that someone administering drugs should get a basic drug like that wrong and when he came back in to give me my discharge paper I asked for some lidocaine for pain he said you had an antibiotic for pain and he had his work badge fliped over so i couldnt get his name what kind of morons do they have working there i wonder if he knows what acetaminophen is or does he think that's a steroid too

Rating: 1 /5

Deasha Carter

This was the message i had to send regarding this hospital!! I wish that i could put no stars!!! I would like to report the unprofessional manner of the staff at the Singing River hospital in labor and delivery afterbirth. My sister M****** T******* was admitted on July, 7 2017 at 5 am in the morning. Her delivery went well, but the after stay she had a lot of problems. Honestly, If i wouldn't have witnessed it myself i wouldn't have believed it. There was so much rudeness and disrespect and just plain disregard for her pain, the sensitivity of her situation. Due to the fact that she was giving the baby up for adoption to me H****** T*******, her sister. I asked Cindy one of her charge nurses if she could do something about it she assured me that she would. It never was resolved. I really don't appreciate it. The names of the people who were supposed to be caring for but really wasn't unless we called about 10 times for it were Diane, Darlene, and Chelsea . I could not believe that this is how they treat people and i needed to bring this to your attention because that was a very sensitive time for and she was scared to even stay there by herself because they would get mad whenever she asked for something at night. She was in a lot of pain and was very poorly treated!

Rating: 1 /5

Deborah Waltman

Awful... they do not care for the elderly.. We our family had to find the Drs ... and we were at the hospital 24/7.... Very hurt ...

Rating: 1 /5

matt ballow

Sorriest hospital ever I wouldn't want my dead body going there and I mean that!!!!!!!!!