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Consumer feedback about Sonoma Valley Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Rainey Tadehara

Over $7,000 for an IV for heat exhaustion. SEVEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. This is UTTERLY deplorable. And there's no way for me to make a financial evaluation without having the treatment first. And your nurse needs a machine to find a vein becaaaaauuusseee??? Oh right. So you can charge me $500 bucks for it. You're part of the problem.

Rating: 1 /5

Lorena Rivas

I went to Sonoma valley hospital on march. I was going for heart problems or possibly a heart attack. I had asked C. Sanders to check on my insurance since I was unsure if it was active that month or the previous month. Ms. C. Sanders stated I was good to go and helped me into the back. Once in the back a Dr. by the name of hishimoto Greg looked at me and placed a stethoscope and stated that based on my age sex, and ethnicity I was having a panic attack. Mr. H failed to do an EKG or any pertinent blood work. He gave me Ativan! A medication used for panic attack. Before leaving Ms. Sanders comes back and has me sing a form that according to her was to cover what ever my insurance didn't cover. I was lied to! For that I was stuck with a $1377.66 bill from Sonoma valley hospital. I took a day of work to talk to someone of the misunderstanding and that I was told differently about my insurance. It came in and out the ear of Cynthia D. Did absolutely nothing to remedy their mistakes. Her assistant by the name of Jessica Pratt was the worst, not only did she not help, she was rude! She stated she would send me a form to fill out to see if I qualified for charity money! I did the form and never received a call back from Cynthia or Jessica. The following day I went to a kaiser ER, there I had an EKG and blood work and found something medically wrong with my heart. If you care about your family or yourself in general and don't want to be lied to and taken advantage of DO NOT GO to Sonoma Valley Hospital beyond the worst experience ever.

Rating: 4 /5

Gina Needham

Had a great experience with the ED. I went straight back to the room and they addressed my tachycardia promptly. I'm glad to come here for treatment.

Rating: 1 /5

Tricia Batter

Have never had a good experience at this hospital. I have heard testimony from several locals who feel the same.

Rating: 5 /5

Bryan Hix

I was born at this hospital :-)