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Consumer feedback about South Bay Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Richie Brower

Dump !! My vet has better care for our dog. Worst service I have ever experienced. They need people who care and want to work. If the doctors and nurses don't want to work they should stay home. More worried about lunch break and finishing shift than taking care of patients

Rating: 5 /5

Ed M

Thank you South Bay Hospital. You made a normally stressful experience into an easy day. I just had an Achilles Tendon repair surgery in here. The days before the surgery they did a preadmision through the phone. That made it easy for the day before surgery when I meet with the nurse and anesthesiologist. They explained their role and in details how I should prepare. They day of the surgery they made everything easy and fast. Nurses were caring and efficient. I was nervous b/c I never had any type of surgery, but they were so confident and positive that they made a this easy on me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rating: 1 /5

David Hayman

I have a broke back and wrist . they gave me ibephrone and sent me home and said ibwas good . this hispital is the worse hispital i have ever been to in mylife . the drs are a joke and the RN as well . this hospital sould never even exist.. I would advise no one should ever go there even if ud dieing .. Cause u will die there . THEY SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK

Rating: 5 /5

Latasha Malone

I was sceptical about going to this hospital, because of the reviews. But, I have to say, this place is pretty awesome. I was taken back right away. Dr. Gillespie took her time explaining and did all the tests that needed to be done. I highly recommend South Bay Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Kevin Kern

Don't go here if you can help it. No one offered me any assistance even as I struggled to walk down the hall. I finally fell to the ground to weak to continue. After I was taken to the ER, the only person I seen was my nurse. She was amazing, but was spread thin. Hours would go by with nothing happening. The amount of pain I was in was unbearable, after several request for pain medication, I was offered 2 Tylenol. I hate taking pain medication, but this was a level of pain I have never felt before. I got very upset at that point and wanted to leave, so they let me and again no assistance was given. I could hardly walk and was stumbling everywhere. I finally did go back in, AGAIN no assistance given, no wheelchair, no helping hand, nothing. After going through the whole intake process again, the same waiting game continued. Hours and hours of no one, and the kicker was that I was the ONLY person in the ER at the time. After 9 hours they finally found the problem and wanted to admit me to the hospital, I declined and recovering at home now. As I said, my nurse was awesome, the security guard that left me in the middle of the hospital should be fired.