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Consumer feedback about Southeasthealth

Rating: 5 /5

Vanita Coleman

I was here in December and the Doctors, Nurses And Hospital Staff treated Me with the Best of care. My Husband has had surgery here yesterday and We will be spending a few days again here at Southeast Hospital. They are the very best care givers and Surgery Team along with all Hospital Staff is very polite. We will always use this Hospital! This is the cleanest and most sanitized Hospital My Husband And I have ever been in. There are hand sanitizers hanging at each room entrance and inside the rooms, I see them hanging all over the Hospital. The cleaning staff are always disinfecting the rooms, doors, floors, beds. The Nurses And Nurses Aides have taken over the top care of My Husband while staying here and super nice to Me while I stayed with Him, always asked Me if I needed anything. We feel comfortable, safe, and Very Medically Pleased. I’ve stayed in several other Hospitals and they Do Not compare to this one! This is Number One! All need to experience a good Hospital that’s kinda like being at Home.

Rating: 1 /5

Valerie Bevil

Been using SEMO hospital my whole life. My son was born here 35 years ago. But being here with my father recently I would go out of my way not to come here. The staff is fine. The problem is housekeeping. I have spent numerous hours, days and weeks with loved ones in hospitals all over the area and in St Louis and I have never encountered the filth that I have seen here this week. I have taken photos. Now I just have to decide what and where I will take them. Because I will be doing something with them. This is unreal and very dangerous for patients and the public.

Rating: 1 /5

sara hampson

Had a horrible experience here except for my RN Kurt. I came through the emergency room violently vomiting and doubled over crying in pain from my side, while I watched every person in the waiting room chillin and talking(just making an assumption that they were much less urgent) go in for two hours while I waited like that. After finally getting into the ER around 8pm they couldn’t get me into an actual room until 11am the next day. Each day they have told me they will run a test or start a medicine and every single time it is pushed back another 8 hours or until the next day or we ask the nurse why they haven’t started and they usually say oh I had no idea no one told me. There is absolutely no communication within this hospital. Ik every hospital has this but I’ve never seen it to this extent it is absolutely ridiculous. Finally after a week of pretty much just sitting i had my operation and was assured by my doctor I’d be able to leave the next morning. Now sitting here at 1pm and my nurses have told me they had no order to discharge and none of the doctors have cleared me. I just feel bad I ha to sit here and waste whereas another patient was probably waiting in the ER to get a room I had no reason to be in. Just know anything that “will take about 15 minutes” here is automatically converted into 5 hours. Anyways thank god for my RN Kurt at least.

Rating: 4 /5

Sue Edgerton

Was a patient for 2 wks. Very nice doctors & staff. Very helpful. ER, not so much. Waited 1.5 hrs to get in to be seen. Wrong diagnosis even though I told them what the problem was. Everyone was professional but was kept there overnight & not treated for my problems!

Rating: 5 /5

Ty Zach

Had our first child and it was a very good experience. Knowledgeable, kind, and caring would sum it up.