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Consumer feedback about Southern Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

K Sherman

I was present for my daughter and son-in-law's entire labor, delivery and recovery experience and could not have asked for a better experience. Everyone on staff was efficient, patient, informative and respectful of our wishes. I have delivered in 2 popular Atlanta area hospitals in the past 25 years and have never been treated so well by hospital staff. I was skeptical because of reviews but very grateful for the attention and care provided by all the hospital staff.

Rating: 1 /5

Natasha Andrews

This is a sorry excuse for a hospital! My aunt was bought in by ambulance after falling. She has a huge gash on her head. The ambulance bought her in and after sitting for an hour we went to see how much longer the wait will be and she was not even in the system. The EMT's didn't even check her in. We had to ask them to put a bandage on her head that was still bleeding. She blacked out during her fall. While sitting in the waiting room she became nauseous and vomited and we are still sitting in the ER after arriving at 1pm. I called to complain and spoke with the nurse manager, and she said she would call the charge nurse, yet still we sit and no one has done anything yet. If you want real help do not come here.

Rating: 1 /5


Don't take your family here if you have an emergency. My aunt was taken to the ER on Friday night because she was having slurred speeches and her hands tensed up and she couldn't move. The staff thought she was faking it and were taking bets on how long she could keep it up. She had a major stroke the next day and then they airlifted her to Grady. Grady couldn't do anything by the time she arrived and passed away. She was 49 years old. They could have saved her but they were too busy fooling around. If you're in Clayton County, take your family to Piedmont in Henry County or Grady Memorial in Atlanta. Avoid Southern Regional!!

Rating: 2 /5

Sabrina Carlyle

STAY AWAY FROM LABOR AND DELIVERY HERE. Giving two stars only because a couple nurses were sweet and the food was reasonable. Had my daughter here in October. Had to induce her because she was overdue. The nurse was a little condescending at the start because I wanted to minimize the pain killers and wanted to get by without an epidural (sticking a needle in my back doesn't appeal to me). Ok, whatever. I knew they had a busy day that day. However, I was VERY upset when it came time to push and I said so. She pretty much told me no, it wasn't time because last time she checked me I wasn't far enough along (even though I had progressed VERY rapidly). My husband saw the monitor and grabbed the phone and called the other nurse in there. A very sweet tech slapped on gloves and caught my baby. Baby was already crowned when the nurse realized she was wrong and they tried setting everything up but were too slow and couldn't get the midwife in there. Then the pediatrician in there pushed for me to supplement with formula and over exaggerated the extent of her, in my chosen pediatrician's words, insignificant jaundice instead of nursing her as much as possible. Absolutely will NOT be having another baby there and warn anyone to stay far away from their L&D. Awful.

Rating: 5 /5

Dennis Benner

Excellent service today. Had lab work and x-ray with dye injection - great service, friendly techs and staff. From the smiling registration clerk to the x-ray technician, everyone was friendly, caring, and professional.