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Consumer feedback about St Anthony'S Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Lisa Dempsey

I was in the ER with my child, a nurse came in (Denise), did not acknowledge us, was looking for something, left, came back with electric cords for monitor, took my son's vitals documented on the computer, and left the room. Later, came back and said it was time to go (admitted). NEVER once introduced herself or show any compassion let alone polite conversation. I am a nurse of 25 years and would never do that to a pt or family members. My son has been admitted for almost 5 days and not once has anyone talked to me about cost of treatment or anything. I think the customer should know how to financially prepare for whatever the cost of this bill will be or even if it is affordable. Also, I was never given instructions on what would happen/rules to follow during my son's stay. Any info I received was through asking questions, this is disappointing. This program has been in place for years and there does not appear to have a sense of treating the patient as a whole which I includes the family being educated also. The nurses at Hyland are very nice. The doctor I spoke with was nice but I only spoke with him when I left a note for him to call and update me.

Rating: 5 /5

Amy Kurzendoerfer

My best friend was treated through St Anthony’s for slightly over a year for breast cancer. Chemo, radiation, and two surgeries. I had great concern about her being treated here due to my own past experiences and its reputation. It turned out that she had wonderful care by the doctors, nurses, and all medical care staff during every part of her battle. You guys may have room for improvement in many areas but you certainly made one scared woman’s fight for her life a little bit easier.

Rating: 3 /5

Ebony Navarrete

My husband sprained his ankle so we went to see if it was broken. There were a lot of people. They rushed the whole process. The woman tried to discharge him without crutches and told him he can walk. My husband could not walk. A few days later my husband ankle and leg swells up. We go to urgent care and the doctor says that his ankle was severely sprained. Gave him a boot and meds (instead of a little wrap). Come to a month later. We receive the bill. Not only is it overcharged for a job badly done. We asked for financial assistance, sent in the application, and they said since it’s late, we can’t have financial assistance. This service is horrible. Don’t go here! UPDATE: Two months later after calling and sending more documents for the financial assistance. We finally got it and was granted 90% of financial assistance for my husband hospital bill.

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Wightman

Horrible place. Security harassment. When people are simply waiting for a ride. I would rather die than ever go back there.

Rating: 1 /5

Skrink LaDue

I have had so many issues with this emergency room. The previous two times I came in, I waited so long after minor testing that I left. The first time I left, I got a freaking letter in the mail about a week and a half later, telling me my test results were ready. I called in and found out I had STREP THROAT the entire time. No phone call, snail mail was OBVIOUSLY the way to go. Now, I've been here since about 7, came in with severe dental pain, causing vomiting and difficulty breathing. Have had my vitals taken and am now sitting here, watching them register patients in the waiting room and just leaving people to sit. I could understand if there was a high volume of people, but nope. Not even half full and most of us have been here for hours. The ONLY reason I continue to come here is because I can't afford to go anywhere else, but at this point.... I'd almost rather just take pliers to my own teeth and use salt water for antibiotics. Quality of care is abysmal and the staff are horribly rude. Update: they aren't even taking anyone to rooms, they're taking people back for x-rays and then dumping them back in the waiting room. The state may need to look into this place, I've never seen anything like this. Another uodate: Now a "nurse" is walking around the er, taking temperatures of multiple patients without writing ANY information down. She also didn't bother wiping off the thermometer, which is repulsive regardless of the crappy plastic covers. Oh, and then there was a lady who came in complaining of chest pains. They did her ekg behind a CURTAIN in the er and now she's just sitting here too. I'd be surprised if no one died today due to flat out neglegence.