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Consumer feedback about St Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Ladie Tubear

I only have one star to write the review because the ER doctor was such in a hurry my child is fighting now for his life . Thank Gid he was taken by ambulance to and ER who saved his life! shame in you guys 😡

Rating: 1 /5

martha Richardson

Never again! This place is useless. Doctors have no idea what they are doing. First time my daughter was driven to ER for weakness in her legs and horrible back pain. She was Told to rest. I took her to CHM two days later, herniated disk was causing irreversible nerve damage, emergency surgery upon arrival was done. Year later, I went in for horrible back and leg pain. They told me I had a torn ligament, gave me a full leg brace. I followed up with my doctor, it was sciatica! Waste of money.

Rating: 5 /5

Frankie Juarez

In and out, no wait. With a clean bill of health.

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Custance

Having lived here 27 years, this has been the only option for urgent care after hours. The doctors and nurses are what you'd expect from any ER with little to no bedside manner, but then that is one reason they chose this practice, however there are exceptions. The check in staff is generally sullen while polite enough. My real beef is with their billing department which is extremely aggressive. I personally have excellent coverage, but have had out of country guests and friends with not so good coverage who have been sent to collection without regard. Saint John's is, unfortunately, just another reflection on a money hungry Catholic institution hiding behind the frock of a non profit.

Rating: 5 /5

Jodi Romano-Besket

They are currently treating my mom in ICU. Very clean, extremely attentive and caring. Nursing staff is outstanding. Doctors on rotation are within HIPAA regs and as honest and forthcoming as they can be about her condition and how they are treating it. I think this facility gets a bum rap.