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Consumer feedback about St Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital

Savannah Spurling
Savannah Spurling

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Okay, so normally I don't even take the time to write reviews but people must know what to expect when coming to this concerning establishment. Doctors and nurses on multiple occasions have not only made me feel uncomfortable and disrespected but have made me question their practices as an emergency room. As I am leaving now, the words said by a doctor named Francisco still resonate with me.

For contextual purposes, I came in the hospital for swollen tonsils (an ongoing issue I've had for over 5 years that happens probably twice a year on average). I was quickly admitted by a polite representative named Elaine but once I went to the back room all professionalism immediately dissipated.

A nurse named Candy asked me what I was in for and I began explaining my problem. I knew that I just needed to be prescribed antibiotics to take care of this issue, so I expressed that to her.

Immediately, the doctor Francisco stated, "oh she has strep throat" after taking one look at my tonsils. This was a surprise considering I usually get DIAGNOSED with tonsilitis or an infection of that nature. Candy asked, "oh should we give her a swab test or no?" Then Francisco said, "yeah I guess we'll just take a swab for the culture." Once that was said I was incredibly concerned and started to have to defend myself.

They insisted that I take a shot. I told them I wouldn't because I never had to do that before and because the last time I was there (which was another horrible visit for back pain with a doctor named Byron and again the nurse Candy, who also lacked professionalism and patience) the shot hurt an abnormal amount. Candy started it hurt so back because of the thickness of the fluid in the shot, trying to speak for this method of medicine. Not to mention that I had never even heard of what they were going to inject me with and then Francisco thought to ask, "oh wait are you allergic to anything?" Once I stated my allergies, I said that I preferred to get the same medicine but in pill form. They kept insisting that antibiotic pills wouldn't "knock out my strep throat."

Then, what was the most concerning, was when he legitimately gave me attitude and was like "oh so you just want the medicine that doesn't work then?" While I continued to defend myself and not just take any random shot. Eventually, after about 4 minutes of going back and forth with A DOCTOR who is GETTING PAID TO HELP PEOPLE, I finally got him to just write a prescription for the antibiotics.

There's so much more I could say about these employees but I just hope that there is management within that establishment that could address these continual issues that MULTIPLE PEOPLE are experiencing. They shouldn't be getting paid for these horrible practices while putting others in danger.


Gene Marks
Gene Marks

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Watch out for the bump entering emergency parking lot.
No problems with help given.

Charles Judah
Charles Judah

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I tried to turn a thumb into 2/3s and 1/3 thumbs on accident. They admitted me right away (there was no one else) and stitched me up. The staff was friendly and polite while we were cracking jokes about my new appendage.

Judson Winters
Judson Winters

2 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

I've been here on several occasions, mostly to accompany other people. There are definitely some nice and professional employees but most are quite inhospitable.

There was this one ER doctor during the night-shift who was weird and unhelpful, as my friend was bleeding he was just typing away in his computer, took him awhile to notice. Once when I was admitted and had to be on IV antibiotics; the very next day they rushed me to leave and didn't even offer to wheel me out even though I was still feeling ill.

This one lady in the administration was quite snippy. I was simply asking if someone was available and with an annoyed tone she said, "I don't know, try calling her".

The lab employees could use someone on their front desk, they have a desk bell but I think no one likes to use it because using the bell can come off as being brash or impatient. Employees do notice or go in and out of the lab but rarely offers to notify someone in the lab.

The sub-acute... one star on that department. Either the CNAs are overworked or just rude. This entire department is a mess.

They also sent one of the most unhelpful people to my college during a job fair. I had friends who were in the nursing program and these two ladies were simply handing flyers and told them to check online...

martha Richardson
martha Richardson

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Never again! This place is useless. Doctors have no idea what they are doing. First time my daughter was driven to ER for weakness in her legs and horrible back pain. She was Told to rest. I took her to CHM two days later, herniated disk was causing irreversible nerve damage, emergency surgery upon arrival was done. Year later, I went in for horrible back and leg pain. They told me I had a torn ligament, gave me a full leg brace. I followed up with my doctor, it was sciatica! Waste of money.

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