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Consumer feedback about St Joseph'S Hospital and Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Sara Resendes

I just delivered my twins at St Joseph's (also delivered my daughter there in January 2016) and I would never go anywhere else. They were quick to tend to your needs, every single nurse I had was friendly and supportive, and they just made both of my deliveries so easy and wonderful. If you're unsure on what hospital to deliver at i would HIGHLY recommend St Joe's.

Rating: 3 /5

Mary Jane Chiefers

Hands down the worst hospital I've ever been to and I've had severe asthma since birth.Came in at 8pm it's 9am. If my oxygen level are fine but I'm having trouble breathing why are you giving me oxygen? When asthmatic people are having difficulty BREATHING and you force them to sit there for 5 hours (because of dosage) than maybe you have the wrong diagnosis. I'm still sitting here, suffering. Slow nurse and ghost Drs. Never coming back. Last time I was here with my grandma for 6 hours for them to tell us to tell her primary care Dr.

Rating: 1 /5

Todd Karn

Came to this St Joseph's Hospital in an ambulance. Was walked through the emergency center and to the waiting room all while I was in major pain through my stomach area. After sitting there for almost 30 minutes I was called over by a woman. She sat me down and asked a few questions and then took me to another room to be admitted I guess. During this time I had to move around to keep the pain from knocking me out for about another 30 minutes before another lady came in. At this point I needed to go to the bathroom bad. She sent me there with a cup to piss in and return. I returned and no one in site. I waited a minute and got up and they were in another room talking with staff. She took me in and asked my symptoms and such and then stated that they would asked for a cat scan and other tests. I was then taken to a curtained off chair that only reclined partially. I sat there for over and hour waiting for pain medication. So at this point I had to endure the pain for over 3 hours with no pain medication. I was finally given the pain medication and it barely even helped. Complaining as you would call it or asking about as I did, did no good. So far up to this point very unprofessional and no care for a patience or person what so ever. It was 3 hours before a cat scan was done and another 3 hours before I even got the results. During this time pain had come back and I never seen a doctor through my whole visit. Never heard of not seeing a doctor at least once. No doctor came to see me ever through this visit. I had a kidney stone and that was the pain I was in. I hear they can be one of the most severe pains out there and yet pain medicine was hard to come by and even getting answers from any staff member was a nightmare. My wife was with me and she is most effective. She had the hardest time getting the staff to get us help and get answers for anything. The lady that came down with my test results a Nurse practitioner was very nice and explained my issues to me in detail. We told her our story and she was very apologetic for everything, but a little late for that. This was the worse hospital visit I have ever had and I will make sure they do not take me to this hospital ever again. If I were any of you reading this statement, if you can even get to it, find a better hospital to go to. Good luck to all. Todd

Rating: 5 /5

Andrea Cortes

I had my son here a month ago with midwife Samantha Smith and she was amazing! I highly recommend having a midwife instead of a doctor she was with me in the room for long periods of time coaching me threw my breathing. I loved how my delivery only had 4 people in the room including me and my husband. My other births at a different hospital had about 8-10 people in the room. Only downside to the hospital is the rooms were a little small. I highly recommend trying this location!

Rating: 5 /5

Alex Granado

Hi, everyone I recommend this hospital, the staff there is very kind and professional. I went in late Friday night to the emergency room after having a very bad experience at a John c Lincoln hospital on 3rd st and Dunlap, I arrived here at st. Joseph hospital for severe abdominal pain plus vomiting and was about ready to pass out and as soon as I try to explain what was going on the put me in a wheelchair and immediately took me to the back and placed me in a room where I waited 20 minutes before the doctor came in and seen how much pain I was in and how bad I kept vomiting, so he order some blood work and give me pain and nausea medication to help me feel more comfortable, after my blood work came back he then order a CT scan because my white blood cell count was extremely high, at this time I was put into another room where the nursing staff made me feel comfortable while waiting on my CT scan result, the doctor then comes back around 3:00 in the morning and explains to me that my appendix had burst and they are scheduling me to have surgery at 7:30 Saturday morning at 7:00 the nurses from the surgery team came and got me to get me prepped for my operation, after a couple hours surgery nurses take me to the OR in tower H on the 7 floor where I met my surgeon Dr. Russell who did an amazing job, also met my nurse RN Emilie who took very good care of me making sure I was not in any pain, had everything I needed, when her shift ended she introduced to my new nurse that was going to take care of me for the remainder of the night her name was RN Dara who was also was amazing, over all I had the well deserved experience here and would go back over and over again I highly recommend this hospital to everyone and to think I was at John c Lincoln hospital before I went here and they didn't take my situation seriously which caused me to leave and go to st. Joseph hospital. st. Joseph said if I had waited a little longer my situation could have become life threatening I love this hospital they are very good at there work and know what it means to treat people with kindness very professional staff well done St. Joseph Hospital.