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Consumer feedback about St Joseph'S Hospital Health Center

Rating: 1 /5

Tiffany Allington

Grossly negligent priority assessment in ER UPDATE: I withdraw my previous 5⭐️ accolade. The ER physicians and mid-level providers are dangerously apathetic to both presumed and VERY REAL, LIFE-THREATENING patient-described conditions. I literally left the ER after almost 3-hours of waiting-room-waiting (as patiently as possible) to be called back to a room to be checked out by a doctor. I arrived back at my sister’s house (she is an RN), and ten minutes after sitting down at her kitchen table to rest, she deemed it necessary to call for an ambulance. I was secured in the “rig” and adamantly protested being transported to any facility that held any association with St. Joseph’s Hospital. I was transported to Upstate University Hospital’s Emergency Department. Being wheeled into the ER and a few spotty in-and-out recollections of familial interactions while still in the ER room I had been given upon arrival are the only things I can hazily remember; after I’d say, conservatively, the 3 hour mark - nothing for the following 6-days. It turns out I was in acute bilateral kidney failure, my left lung was 60% collapsed, my potassium level was 2.4, and my body was in full-blown septic shock. I was transported to the MICU, where I stayed for the next 6-days. On complete life support. In a freaking coma! I am 35-years old, (obviously) female, and in above standard condition. I was read my last rites twice. My family members were called and subsequently filed in from all over the state and country. FLEW in immediately due to my less than 20% of survival over the next 3 days (slightly improved at the end of day 3, only to nosedive on day 4 and up until day 6). The cause of my sudden, life-threatening, coma-inducing condition has, to date, remained a frustratingly perplexing medical mystery. I CAN tell you about 10,000 conditions I DO NOT have, thanks to the valiant quests of the seemingly never ending line of resident doctors and the attending physicians from every department in existence eagerly fulfilling their inherent need to poke, prod, sample, and suture to find the answer to the thus-far unanswerable. Thanks St. Joe’s arrogantly pompous Emergency Physicians staff for leaving me with no choice but to abandon your hospital and begrudgingly seek out another emergency team to do the job I went for in the first place. In that respect of sad irony, you and your team saved my life that day!

Rating: 2 /5

She Kita

This hospitals services has declined tremendously. I have been a patient for over ten years. The last two years I kept having skin breakouts. After nermerous appointments and seeing different doctors in this practice, I finally sat down and recorded changes in uses of products and figured out I was having allergic reactions to a ingredient used in my new laundry detergent. Changed detergent and my skin issues totally ceased. After 2 years of countless appointments and tests I cannot believe the questions to rule this out,allergen test or even a referral was never suggested. Lately this hospital has wasted alot of my time and energy and I hope their quality of care and service is restored.

Rating: 1 /5

Rose L

Medical information is seriously negligent. I have been calling for three days and have received one call back to say that a disk is waiting for me in syracuse. My mom is in Radisson, but like many elderly people in CNY, her children live in other cities. My sister flew in from florida. I'm trying to obtain her medical records electronically to have them reviewed by competent medical professionals where I live to get second opinions. The mail box today, thursday, IS FULL. I can't even leave a message! and no calls backs in 24 hours. I've booked a flight that gets in at midnight tonight to go to St. Joe's tomorrow morning to get the disk. While my mom cannot walk and is in a lot of pain, thank god this is not life or death!!!! Three calls today, two yesterday and one the day before. Is this responsible health care?! NO!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Kimberly Papa

I had a surgery at St.Josephs on 12/23/17 and my pre-op completed on 12/08/17. Every single person that I encountered at the hospital was second to none. Dr. Adelson was my surgeon and he was wonderful as well. He’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and straight to the point. I appreciate that and felt that i was in good hands. Every nurse was caring, pleasant, knowledgeable, and beyond helpful. My anesthesiologist was kind and caring. I cannot express what a great experience this was despite the stressful and anxious feelings that I felt because I needed the surgery. I have no bruising from the sites of my blood work, IV, or the laparoscopy. As a team, these people exceeded all hopes that I had for a good experience. I highly recommend Dr. Adelson and St. Joseph’s Hospital staff. I couldn’t be happier.

Rating: 1 /5

Amy Jesgarzewski

I gave St. Joseph's Hospital one star because they don't offer negative star reviews. I'd say the one star goes to the staff who actually performed my ct scan and ultrasound. They were the most helpful and professional. My ER Doctor, Dr. Smith, was an unamused woman who later told me "I don't know what's wrong. It's a mystery. You'll just have to give it more time." I have been sick for a month now. I've been seeing Doctors for it but each one tells me to go to a different one. My obgyn actually told me to go to the ER so they could run tests immediately. The ER doctor, Dr. Smith, told me I should see a GI doctor. Here I am, in antagonizing pain at the ER and she's telling me to go see a specialist. No, I'm in need RIGHT NOW of help. She told me they only have GI doctors on call. Okay? CALL THEM! She told me it'd be a waste of time for her to call them because I wouldn't get in for any test for several months. Which is total BS. Thats why they are on call. To come in and see patients and run tests. She sent me home and told me to take pepcid. I have been nauseous for 4 weeks. So nauseous I can't eat. I have lower back pain that literally cripples me. I have vomited in my sleep. I changed my diet two weeks ago to super bland food in fear it was my gallbladder. A new symptom that encouraged me to go to the ER after my obgyn saying so was pain in the right side of my chest. Something is very wrong. If it kills me I hope my family sues the mess out of them. The nurse, came in with the sniffles and a scratchy throat. She had on a mask and gloves. Could NOT get an IV catheter in me because she clearly was not ready to be putting them in on patients in the ER. I had to have that in to get the meds Dr. Smith had ordered. Finally she literally pulled the needle out, leaving the plastic catheter part in my hand and saying "I give up" after hearing a man in the hall say that someone is going to need to put my catheter in. I'm assuming they were keeping track of how long she had been in with me. She also just left used needles laying on the table next to me. By the end of my visit, this nurse no longer had gloves or her mask on. I spent $200 alone on just the copay to get this kind of help. I'm furious and still very sick. I was told I had so much gas that my pancreas couldn't be checked by the ultrasound. Dr. Smith did not ONCE address this until I brought it up. She is literally the worst doctor I have ever seen and I will be calling the hospital regarding my bill because even though she gets her paycheck no matter what kind of help she offers, not a dime of my money will be spent on her fee. I also plan on filing a formal complaint. I also heard staff right outside my room complaining of another patient in great detail. HIPPA?