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St Joseph'S Hospital – Savannah

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11705 Mercy Boulevard, Savannah, GA 31419, USA
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Consumer feedback about St Joseph'S Hospital – Savannah

Rating: 5 /5

andie k

The team at St. Joseph's Hospital Emergency Department is wonderful! During the Christmas weekend, my father became extremely ill and needed a late night trip into the emergency room. With no wait, we were taken into a room where they quickly assessed his condition and began treating him. Thanks to their expertise and fast intervention, he was able to be released within only a few hours to continue care at home and follow up with his regular physician. I am so grateful to the entire team, especially our awesome nurse Alex, for your skill and kindness in caring for my father.

Rating: 5 /5

Kristin Gregory-Claytor

Travelling and on holiday is not the best time to get sick. However, I am very grateful for the outstanding medical staff at St. Joseph's, especially their ER team. My family was treated quickly and kindly. We were only in the ER for a few hours, received treatment by compassionate nurses, and skilled physicians. St. Joseph's ER is superior to several other's we've visited this year. A huge thank you to the St. Joseph's team.

Rating: 5 /5

vanessa price

I spent 6 hours in their ER. The entire staff was super friendly, attentive and very competent. It was a 2 hour wait after I checked in and the time I was seen....not too bad for a busy ER. They did take EMS and walk in bleeders ahead of me which is understandable. I would like especially to thank my ER nurse, Frank, a man who really excelled at his job. It was obvious he took pride in his job.

Rating: 1 /5

Marla M

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to The doctors are NOT professional My grandfather had a heart attack and nothing is being done we have been here 4 days and his condition has become gravely and no one seems to care or know why.... The nurses some are caring most are rude and tell us they are overworked and have way more patients than they are supposed to... I would never recommend this hospital to anyone not even for a dog

Rating: 1 /5

tiarra davis

I'm here with a loved one in the ICU. There has been four different nurses that have been assigned to my family member. Two of them have really nasty attitudes. And body language sucks. It's like when we ask any questions of concern they respond with negative vibes. As of now I'm praying the Lord touch their souls. Because the way I feel about them words cnt describe. I'm ready to FIGHT. Here we are a week later I was told customer reps would be contacting me and guess what they did not. She is out of ICU. Things have went down hill once again. And problems with these nurses continue. The staff is so unprofessional, rude and have the nastiest tone of voice with our family. They ignore us when we remain humble, but want to compromise when we display the same ignorant attitude they give us. I would not recommend a lab rat to this place