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Consumer feedback about St Vincent Hospital

Saint Vincent Hospital
Reviewed from Google

3.1 out of 5 stars

Leif Torres
Leif Torres

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The nurses where professional and seemed to really care about giving me the best possible care. Always asked if I needed anything else or if they could do something more for me. If I had to be sick again, I wouldnt go anywhere else for recovery.

Shawn A
Shawn A

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Customer service is totally ridiculous.

Called today 9/5/2019 at 1:16 PM to make inquiry about 2000 dollars that I paid upfront even-though I had a health insurance to get itemized bill which it was promised to me to get it in the mail but I never received it.

Customer rep was super rude. She was yelling at me " I DO NOT CARE" "ITS NOT MY BUSINESS" "DO NOT INTERRUPT ME" ......

D.R. R
D.R. R

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

I came here with my boyfriend when he was experiencing abdominal pain during a longer course of medical issues. The staff at the intake lobby were fine, but the row of administrative staff in the ER itself was horrible. We had been waiting without even seeing a nurse in his room for a while, and my boyfriend's pain was getting worse, so he asked me to go out see if somebody could come visit him. I went up to the administrative desk and waited patiently for someone's attention for something like 5 minutes while they were completely ignorant and joking about things that were obviously not work-related. No one was looking at their monitors or desk, no one was on the phone or helping anyone else. One guy whose desk was along the wall had even wheeled his chair over to talk to the row of women in the center. Not until my eyes started watering did one person call me over and ask how they could help. It felt surreal. I know that the ER is a busy, stressful place and that my boyfriend's condition wasn't top priority. And anyone wants to let off some steam and enjoy their shift during the course of the day. But Jesus fricken Christ, get out of a healthcare job if you don't want to pay attention and treat people with basic respect. Let someone with a shred of kindness take your damn place. Disgusting.

Josh G.
Josh G.

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Just save yourself the trouble and go to a hospital where they will properly assist you and not lie to your face.

This place is filled with incompetence and if you go here you will have to deal with that in the worst ways from beginning to end.

I went here because my I had been having severe abdominal pain (This included nights of crying in bed from pain and vomiting continuously) and after an Ultrasound at a Readymed+ they said I need to go to a hospital. They determined that my gall bladder was filled to the brim with stones.

I went on Wednesday and the emergency room triage tried to set me up for the surgical procedure ASAP. The surgical team decided to postpone the procedure because the site is "tender". So after buying their story they admitted me because the gall stones were so painful I could not eat. I was unable to eat since Tuesday and made this very clear. They attempted to tell me this would be an electoral surgery and after I went over the fact that it was preventing me from eating which would not make this a choice, but a requirement; they agreed.

So now we all agree the surgery needs to happen. The thing is it keeps getting postponed. They kept telling me the site is tender so we need to postpone the operation. Like an idiot I believed them.
However some of my nurses slipped up with info. They advised me how they were surprised I hadn't had it completed on Friday because the surgery team wanted me in there the day before, but was too busy.

Woah. So there is our first discrepancy. I was able to verify it with other staff members as well. On Friday they said that would be the day of the operation and they would let me know a time in the morning. Well noon rolls around and no one can tell me a damn thing. I let my nurse know if they do not do this today I want a transfer as that is my right.

2pm rolls around. So I request the transfer be initiated because they still haven't even given me an idea or a time window and we are definitely past the morning now. Around 4pm they pull me to the OR as the last operation of the day.

They only squeezed me into their schedule once I threatened to go somewhere else. Think about how sad that is as a motive for care. I'm sure they would have loved to leave me there eating & drinking nothing with only an IV giving me anything because you make more money that way and they lied to me so they could make more money. Had I been given honest information I would have transferred to another hospital way earlier.

You'd think that is where the nightmare would end though right? Dead wrong though. Even the paperwork and prescription they sent me home with had issues. My prescription for painkillers was signed only by a Nurse Practitioner whom I never saw and doesn't have the authority to prescribe them. My return to work authorization wasn't signed by a doc, but by a Nurse Practitioner whom had never even looked at or talked to me.

So I come onto the review site from Google to look into other people's experiences. Now I'm pretty darn good with names and familiarized myself with as many names as I could at the hospital. A lot of these 5 star reviews are left by the hospitals own staff and that is quite a conflict of interest.

So far this place has left a disgusting taste in my mouth and needs to do some serious overhaul because right now this hospital is morally questionable and has some obvious issues.

Catherine Salierno
Catherine Salierno

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I 💘 the care & service that I received from the Cardiology Department. The Cardiology Staff & Technicians are so friendly and helpful (this should be the benchmark) for all medical offices to follow.

The elite team are so happy to help their patients, because as you may have guessed they deal with "health and well being /matters of the ❤ heart".

No matter where I happen to be within the confines of the hospital I'm always greeted with a 😃 smile!!!

I love this hospital!!!