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13000 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612, USA
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Consumer feedback about Tampa Va Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Kimberly Lewis

Tampa VA is absolutely the worst hospital I have ever dealt with in 57 years. The employee's act like they don't even see you and all they are there for is to collect their pay check. The doctor's won't take the time to listen to you and can't be bothered to read your records either. The ER mixed my records up with another patient... my records show I walked in with a fever and grew three inches and lost a few pounds the day I went to the ER. The nurse put in an IV and I told her something wasn't right but nobody cared, now 5 months later I still can't bend my arm without it hurting from that IV. The only advise I can give is MOVE.

Rating: 1 /5

Angelo Torres

This VA Hospital is one of the Worst I ever been too. They have some Great Doctors that really care about the Patient health. There are others that only care about Government regulations, and will do what ever it takes to push the Governments agenda. When you Disrespect a Disabled Veteran who is also a Senior Citizen in front of his wife and Caretaker, how Dishonorable is this. I truly hope that President Trump new Law which can make it possible to fire this Disrespectful Doctors and nurses can bear fruit. Now that not to say that all the Doctors and Nurse are like this, however there are a few Bad apples and it show from time to time. My honest opinion is that if you don't truly love your job, which is a Honorable Job, then get out the VA system. Perhaps you would like to work in Russia, China, North Korea and treat the Veterans there with Dishonor. Now the Mental health Care System is one of the Best there is, these Doctors have given me a chance to live a little better and really show empty towards us. Please understand, I not a out spoken Veteran, I know some of our Comrades can be a bit overwhelming, but please don't put all of us in the same basket. Some of us will never ever Dishonor a Doctor, Nurse or any hospital worker for that matter. I for one Respect and appreciate every thing that is given to me. I don't demand anything, it is wrong. I humbly ask for it, so I give Respect Humbly and ask for it in return. Please stop the Disrespect of our Nations Veterans, those of you who like to be mean and disrespectful, so leave the job to others who really thanks it veterans for their Freedom. I for one will start a petition to get the people fires who disrespect Senior Citizens of any race , Color or Creed. President Trump gave us the Law, lets use it to make the VA better. Yours Truly, Cpl Torres truly bewildered by these awful treatment of me and my wife/caretaker.

Rating: 5 /5

Stephen Rizzuto

All around the VA doctors and nurses took very good care of me pre and post op on more than one occasion. I am in the medical industry on the business side for 25 years and my whole experience exceeded my expectations. All my other appointments were taken on time with hardly any wait. Parking was a bit of a wait time, but overall I am very thankful of the medical care I have been receiving.

Rating: 3 /5

E Dough

This is a hard place to rate. There are exceptional doctors and nurses, particularly in specialty fields, and there are extremely poor ones. I mean very poor. Be aware that they will push USF students on you whenever possible and if you have heavy PTSD, their large Middle Eastern employee presence may be difficult to deal with. More veteran medical staff would be great.

Rating: 4 /5


Parking can be a challenge. Service delays are excessive at times. I am still appreciative of the care I receive.