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Consumer feedback about Trinity Hospital of Augusta

Trinity Hospital of Augusta
Reviewed from Google

2.7 out of 5 stars

Kevyne Kicklighter
Kevyne Kicklighter

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This hospital used to be the Catholic St. Joseph's Hospital (later the name switched to Trinity in the late 2000s). As you can see most replies are from 2 years ago until now. Apparently Trinity was bought out by University Hospital, so I take it that Catholic part is no more.

My only advice I can give here about the care at this hospital: a lot of it depends on the agencies University Hospital uses to staff it. From my experience at University Hospital (main one downtown), is the nurses and hospital staff are fine. But the doctors are less than desirable. They do not have a good beside manner and often are flat out rude (people on the street in Augusta are nicer). Some they're very difficult to understand, too. Add that people are in pain and stressed out, it's a prescription for bad reviews.

People arrive at the ER not knowing what is happening, and if they sit there for hours, the worry/the pain can be too much, especially those who are younger and rarely see doctors or ever had to be hospitalized (they don't understand what triage is or how hospitals work). They get no comfort at all, making the entire healthcare experience actually worse in return. I myself have gotten more than upset on ER visits over the years from bad care, and it can make angry and uncompromising patients who WON'T be patient again. That's where a lot of the complaints come from. One hand you have good nurses, and on the other, doctors so unprofessional ... you hear the nurses complaining about them, too. They know and you know the situation isn't well, which makes the patient more stressed (and I can't say it enough stress in healthcare and health itself is NOT healthy, it makes conditions even worse as people will avoid healthcare all together. Not good when you have illnesses).

My experience with the old Trinity/St.Joseph Hospital was satisfactory. But I can understand these days with University Hospital the doctor staffing is less than ideal (read the reviews, it's the same problem over and over and over). That can't just be "oh, that's a horrible patient", there's underlying problems. I know there is from my own experience, and watching the nurses frustrated about it, rolling their eyes and complaining about the doctors, too. The nurses are trying to fix a problem that's out of their hands, and honestly not their job to fix. They all seem hurried and few have even 10 minutes to talk (and if they do, it's while typing in the computer). That inattention is going to be deadly, too.

Healthcare these days is a mess. You can find that ideal personal doctor. But when you need emergency care, you're at the mercy of what doctor you will meet. Some out there are great and extraordinary in what patients expect; but ONE doctor at a critical time when you're hurting/stressed/worried, can change your life and perceptions of healthcare forever. That's the sad part, because a patient turned off by healthcare will be a NON PATIENT, and complicating their healthcare in return. No one wins like that.

angelica parker
angelica parker

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I got here @10:30 pm and it is now 1:58 am, I came because I have irregular periods, I bleed a lot and I never know when it will go off. I explained myself to the doctor and she says “well I can’t stop your bleeding, I don’t have a magic wand or anything” (sarcastically). She had the nurse come in and take two tubes of blood but she couldn’t find my vein so she had another nurse do it. They checked my blood pressure four times and I was told I was going to be examined. I’ve been waiting well over an hour for someone to come back in the room.. this is ridiculous, I will NOT be coming back here.

Louanna Chapel
Louanna Chapel

3 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I just work here dont live close bye.

Linda Veerasingham
Linda Veerasingham

4 out of 5 stars

posted 23 hours ago

Its great

Tequia White
Tequia White

1 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Dr. Brian Hughes came in and didn't help my fiance who couldn't breathe. He put his hand in my face after I was advising him of the situation then asked us to leave. He stated all that all he was required to do was to diagnose and that was by federal law. He did that and he told us to have a good day. We weren't at the hospital for a full 20 min and while we were getting ready to leave I asked for a wheel chair not even a full minute, they had the discharge papers as well. The nurse was rude the only person that was nice was the lady at the front desk Thank God I went to MCG. I'll never go back to this campus and I will be sure to take this over his head. He has had numerous complaints, but this has to stop before he kills somebody. My fiance was diagnosed with Pneumonia at MCG and DR. Hughes sent us home without even checking, he basically refused to do anything, and he made it as a joke. But I wont let it go. I have all the paper work.

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