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Consumer feedback about United Regional Health Care System

Krista Williams
Krista Williams

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I was just seen in the ER recently. 😢 Everything is fine now though! Let me tell you that the staff in the ER were amazing! I went in with chest pains. I had never had them before and was very scared. 😨 No family was with me because I had come from work, but they made me feel very comfortable. My care was awesome! Dr. Moreno and his staff deserve much praise. They kept me informed of test results as they came in and were very professional the entire time. I wouldn't go anywhere else. By the way, it was very busy that day. I heard them say that they had to put me in a room that had just been cleaned because they were full! Thanks United Regional!!!

Kayla Weber
Kayla Weber

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

Recently got let go from a position with no warning. It was a new position and I was just ending my 30 days. There were no issues addressed to me about my productivity instead only praise on how well I was doing. I loved my job and felt I was doing well. I had even said many times if there is something more i can do, don't hesitate to let me know! Seemed like they only needed this position filled temporarily so another employee could take time off. Very disappointed after all I've been through with this company. This particular position lacked the avaliblity of training and somehow they wanted me to just know how to do everything. I was offered another position but it seemed like a slap in the face after how hard I worked and respectfully declined.

Kyla Wilton
Kyla Wilton

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I stuck a four inch nail through my foot and went in for a tetanus shot and told them I had to work cows and couldn’t take off of work the next few days. They would not give me any pain meds at all.
Literally cannot walk but will have to be on a horse and put long days in the next few days and DR. Funk would not give me anything for the pain. I’m not sure what part of sticking a 4 inch nail through your foot doesn’t warrant pain meds.
Do not go here, they do not care about their patients at all.
I believe she’s also the same dr. who sent my friend who had cellulitis home and let the infection get worse till she had to be hospitalized for a week.
They didn’t even x-ray, disinfect, or bandage my foot. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE care.
UPDATE- since Dr. Funk did not disinfectant or bandage my foot and the nurse didn’t wash her hands or use disinfect on my foot I got staff infection in my foot from United regional Er. Thanks guys! This staff is really awesome dealing with!
Thankfully I’m going to a specialist in ft worth tomorrow.

Seriously as a vet tech I treat and am more careful with my animals then these people treat their patients.

Quinton Kincy
Quinton Kincy

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

So the Left arm is coming along great after staples, I rinse with dove natural healing soap does wonders, but I am looking through the files and after speaking with a a few other physicians and due to my right arm still isn't fully usable, I seen there were no xrays done on that side of the body AT ALL I have been researching everyday because I wanted to understand the body more because I knew something wasn't right and what ive obtained is my right arm, technically the Ulna bone right after the elbow itself going toward the wrist it has a knot like its broken bone or split... its now 11/14/2018 a month and feel like almost a deep bone bruise or a fracture as well as a little further up on the Humerus bone below the shoulder is numb, as well has a knot and non functional im believing its a contusion on both or maybe more which is also causing my right wrist which they didn't Xray either little to no movement as well. Also I have noticed on my left leg I had a bruise on the thigh deep bruise, it is now gone mostly but there is a fluid like sac under my skin where bruise hurts ?????? ,Im not professional but that isnt noted either in notes that the hospital seems to have .Thing is after seeing I wrecked off a motorcycle at 50mph I dont see why these steps where avoided, and I even asked and repeatedly told the nurse and doctor that my right arm was not movable , Now Im not even comfortable with going back to trust their advice, never gave me anything for pain nothing, I didn't ask because Im aware of people taking advantage of the hospital and its services but some people need it , as well as a work release, they gave me a return to work on the Oct.14th, 2018 I couldn't even stand or move my body by then either, so that complicated things with work, I called and the nurse says usually 3 to 4 weeks off work resting , not my case, I will forever know now that with out insurance and with the quick judgement people lives can and will be effected for ever at the hands of there own health professional. Im in no way saying they under shorted my health services but im not wanting someone else to have to go trough the same situation and not be helped when they are thee for that reason to take care of you !!, So now we will wait I am wrapping with compression on leg and elevating while I sleep , and right arm, I bought a sling and and wrapping around the forearm ulna fracture as well and sling also helps with the Humerus bone as well, Im not to sure who to speak to about this just not right to do to people .


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

You better hope that you don't have a head injury because they'd see a teenage kid with a minor skin rash before they'd decide to make sure if you were okay. Well, the ten month old baby that is... SMH

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