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MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.9
60 reviews

To access your medical records from Ut Southwestern University Hospital St Paul after being discharged, you may request copies of the finalized patient record through Health Information Management. You must complete the authorization form in advance to get a copy of your records. Ut Southwestern University Hospital St Paul believes that your health information is personal and keeps records of the care and services delivered at their facilities. They are committed to keeping health information private and respect patient’s confidentiality.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.9
(60 reviews)

Patricia Thomas

Let me first say, 1) we have excellent insurance and 2) my husband has a serious condition being treated by UTSW cancer care/Dr teams. This may be why we have always had excellent treatment and relatively quick action when have to go through the ER here. I would suggest that you don’t go during peak times (go first this in the morning if you have to!).

cold cheeto

Let me tell you all this right here! I've been to every hospital in the Dallas area and this place right here is the truth! From the time i walked through the doors they were on their business! Oh and the nurses that worked on me... Let me just say heaven sent! I could only give them 5 star's but that is truly an understatement, i give them 10 star's! #bestindallas! Ray C. Parlor


ER staff was great...as parent we have concern and questions. They where very patients with me. Our Dr. told my son go ER. And we did and Nurses And doctor they where great explain plan for my son.. Next you know he got admitted. No problem. Where still here and thank lord for last night and nurses attended my son..excellent..Thank You. Too all staff..Nurse and CN and Technician and lab and Food Service...

Veronica Vazquez

I delivered my first baby here and I was treated here with very good care . They took good care of my son as well & I recommend this hospital 100% . I would like to give recognition to nurse Katie from labor & delivery, she was awesome and helped me on giving birth to my son .

gregory grobel

Checked into ER and was immediately cared for by a fantastic staff. I had sepsis along with other serious issues. Professional,caring,compassionate,nurses and ER doctors. They saved my life.