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Consumer feedback about Vaughan Regional Medical Center Parkway Campus

Rating: 1 /5

Jessica Evans

This is the absolutely worst hospital there is they lied to me about my lab results just to send me home. They have slow service. The nurses and doctors and rude very rude. They are a waste a time I rather die before I have to go there and I just made a visit lastnight and already feel this way about the hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Miles Parker

my aunt was brought there by ambulance for stroke symptoms. they had her sitting in the lobby asking her whats wrong....then sent her home. Not just once. She came one more time before the actually admitted her and said the had a stroke

Rating: 1 /5

Tonya Garner

Last evening, August 23, 2017, between 7-8p I entered the ER with shortness of breath and tightening in my chest. They told me to go lay in the room to get a EKG. No one offered to assist me to the room even tho I told them I was dizzy. The lady placed the probes on my chest and then another lady comes and tells her she's needed in a meeting so she leaves. The replacement then prints the results and tells me to have a seat. 15 mins pass and she comes and tells me to go to the waiting area and I say I still can't breathe and she says your EKG was ok you need to wait in the waiting area. My son ran home to get my inhaler, which in my panic I forgot was on my table at home. He makes it back and after 4 pumps I felt sum relief and I left. This hospital is the only one in town, God help us. I pray I never have to visit that place again.

Rating: 4 /5

fs dollar

Felt welcome in a new place . Very important to me .

Rating: 1 /5

Kaydesha Pink

They don't care about no one and they will wait for hours to give medicine or to see what you want.