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Consumer feedback about Via Christi Hospitals Wichita, Inc


2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Everyone is usually very prompt, professional, and courteous. However...
My mom was hospitalized with a complex fracture of her ankle which required surgery. After the surgery they put her in a room and that's when the problems started. Had trouble getting any kind of information and after the second day, still no release time or info on what was going on. The final straw was when I had a run-in with Lisa, the nurse on duty. When I came up after work mom said she had asked Lisa what was going on, and was told she would check and let us know. That was 2 hours prior to me coming up. When I called Lisa, she was rude, and when I
questioned what was going on, she threatened to "throw me off the floor". No answers, no courtesy, only a cranky individual.
I don't know why the change from the St Francis that I have always known, and I know the attitude of one individual shouldn't be the driving factor for a poor review, but each person is a reflection of any institution.

Robert Hollar
Robert Hollar

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

You will ask for the bill at the end of your visit. They will say your good, 5 months later you get a payment request in the form of financial help notifying you didn't pay. Then the website will not work, so you cant pay it off. If your also in the military and got sent someplace this will compound the issue... Should have just went blind, would have been easier... Billing and finance needs a massive overhaul at this place...

Update 5 months after the last bill... Turns out I got another random bill form a company in California. Only thing I get is a red cartoon looking paper with final notice on the thing, that's it, nothing before this... The website redirects me to some website registered in Europe called drbillpay. I'm not going to this joke of a hospital again, I shouldn't have to be dealing with this a year after my visit.

Update almost a year after my visit... and talked to the person that replied to this, from the hospital. Yeah got another bill, this just keeps getting better and better...

Dontbthirsty -Notadrink
Dontbthirsty -Notadrink

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Care and attitude of staff is more in line with what you think a maximum prison would be like. If not for one male nurse, my bf went who in for treatment in the wee hours of Sunday morn would have wound up unemployed. They told him not to go to his 3rd shift job that night, so he stayed home. We got home and couldn't find the Dr's note. We called and the nurse on the phone said he'd need to personally come back up there before she could look into it. Keep in mind that she was aware we had no car and he was still feeling pretty poorly and in pain. He went back to get a copy, as she insisted he must on the phone
It didn't wind up being a copy. It was a small prescription looking piece of paper with the wrong date on it. We didn't notice the wrong date until hours later, when again they insisted he come up yet again.
He did. The nurse on duty refused to do anything to get an actual copy or look into it. She accused him of asking her to forge the doctor's orders and violate her "ethics" . He made it clear he was doing no such thing. He just didn't want to lose his job and not be able to pay rent or provide us with a Christmas due to their clerical error, which would have violated his "ethics. She treated him terribly, as if he were asking her to break a law or something though she was well aware that wasn't the case. She was just being too rude and lazy to do her job.
Thank God the gentleman nurse overhead him having it out remembered him as the patient and recalled the Dr handwriting his Dr's note. I don't know how that mattered but she quickly changed her tune.
I get that it was likely us that lost the original paper, but he was not feeling at all well and it's surely not as if we won't be getting a sizable bill to pay.
One thing is like to add, he had two smaller treatments. They were originally going to do a third and keep him overnight but that all changed when the Dr found out he was uninsured.
So, they did no effectual treatment, and damned near cost him his job as his employer, like most, demand to see those Dr's notes with correct dates of when you are able to return to work. We're just grateful we noticed the mistake.
As he left the snarky nurse on duty said it was too bad he chose to "act that way . He reminded her that had he not stood his ground she'd have politely shown him the door out which he could have walked and become devastatingly unemployed.
This isn't our first time here, strictly because of the location. We have yet to receive decent treatment, or even basic human kindness from the staff as a whole.

Rebecca James
Rebecca James

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

I call 911 early Tuesday morning and they got me in the back and they come check up on me and see how I was doing and then I had to get a blood transfusion and took in a ambulance to St Jo hospital I love the experience u guys take good care of me thank you for saving my life

David Newman
David Newman

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I have a mother there that they admitted to doing something wrong to her because that's not why she went in ?(go figure)and yet still understaff as they would put it ? I wish I had enough money to move her to a way better hospital where they care about the patient not the building.I live to far.I bought a phone so I can a least see.and what I've been seeing Or hearing ain't good.When she told my mom she would be there in 10min I was on the phone for 35min before I told her to page again still another 20min(a poor lac of care)I hope its never one of their love ones or parents that need to be there.

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