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64 Robbins St, Waterbury, CT 06708, USA
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Consumer feedback about Waterbury Hospital

Rating: 3 /5

Nancy Yovina

My husband went in to Waterbury Hospital for a day surgery, Dr.Moy and his PA were FANTASTICALLY! Very kind and thoughtful to me his wife. The nurses in the DAY SURGERY were absolutely GREAT! They were on the ball, professional, great with their patients, You could tell they really, really care about their patients! They were very kind and coinciderate to the family members as well! These nurses work very hard, and yet they always have a smile on their faces! They were QUICK to notice my husband needed to stay overnight to be further taken care of and made sure he was admitted! All and all a excellent experience for the patient and the family, and early the next day my husband was discharged in great health! Thanks again Waterbury Hospital Doctors, P.As and THE NURSES!!❤️ They are fantastic, smart, kind, people, who “ take care” of the family unit!

Rating: 1 /5

Elias Panasci

By far worst hospital I have ever been to, there are used medical syringes in my "just cleaned room". I've been stuck here for hours with no one to answer my questions or help me at all. People are lined up in the hallway, and there is 4 to 5 people to a room. Dirty, and a huge waste of time. I recommend finding a different hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Victoria Panasci

I've been sitting in Waterbury hospital for over 4 hours, coughing up blood and all they've done is give me Tylenol. And ignore me trying to ask questions. Most unhelpful, worst, dirty hospital I have ever been too. The nurses and doctors are not compassionate or sympathetic towards patients. Don't go to Waterbury hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

hey I'm Elias

I am a transgender individual, and they did not respect the fact I wanted to be called my name and not what is on my licence. I understand that legally they have to keep it as my birth name, but they could have had the decency to call me my name and use my pronouns.

Rating: 1 /5

Crystal Massicott

Never should have went their. I was brought in by ambulance and was stuck in the hallway for hours puking. No one asked if I was OK when a nurse would be standing right next to me until I got to the point of badly dry heaving and was finally given an IV bag. When I finally got into a room, the DR that treated me was just plain rude! He wasn't listening to what I was telling him, he was also rudely sarcastic and snappy. I also have Fibromyalgia and he's one of the doctors who thinks "it's all in our head.". and also bc I didn't want to take meds he got pissy as if he took it personally and said that I was a first bc normal people go to the hospital to be treated so what was the point of me being their... I was so badly dehydrated my pulse was high and I couldn't walk so doing blood work, urine tests, and giving me an IV is treating me! Just bc I kindly declined the meds doesn't make me anything he was claiming. Never again!