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8954 Hospital Dr, Douglasville, GA 30134, USA
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Consumer feedback about Wellstar Douglas Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

wanda presberry

I wanted to leave negative 2 stars but its not possible. My daughter is there now 1/15/18 12:18pm, she went last night, midnight. They ran a few test and as of right now no one has come in to discuss any test results. She is waiting to get a bed and be admitted. I've called several times to get information on her condition however Bill, her nurse has not returned any of my calls. My last attempt to get information he finally came to the phone only to tell me to hold on and give it to her. Now mind you, he has not introduced himself to her, hasn't asked if she needed anything let alone given her any information about what's going on whatsoever. She gives the phone back to the tech who then gives it back to Bill explaining to him that I just want to get a little information on my daughter then Bill hangs up the phone. I called back and was told I can't even get past the nurses station without a four digit code. I said that's funny because i just did. When my daughter asked Bill on one of the rare occasions she was able to get him to come into her room, why he hung up the phone, he lied and claimed he didn't and then proceeded to tell her he could not respond to EVERY phone call and that the tech did not tell him I was on the phone. Which we know is a lie because i heard her telling him as she was giving him the phone. I called another number and was able to get the charge nuslrse Keith who seemed more interested in covering Bill's butt than finding out what's going on with my daughter. Please go to a different hospital if you need care, coming here you may run the risk of getting Bill for your nurse. I don't feel comfortable with Bill taking care of anyone in my family or any patient for that manner.

Rating: 5 /5

Susan kandler

My father is currently here and I have to say that the staff we have come in contact with on the 3rd floor south have been wonderful! They are very concerned with his care and with the floor being quiet. They are a blessing to me and my family.

Rating: 1 /5

Becky Lynn

Tell the Ambulance to turn around! Do not go here!! My mother has been in this filthy "hospital" 3 times this year. The weekend nurses are lazy, hateful and lie on medical charts. If this hospital were a restaurant it would be shut down due to the filth. My mother was there this time for 7 days, her sheets were never changed and she was never given a bath. The medical equipment was covered with dust and grime as well as the room. Just a nightmare! I wouldn't send my worst enemy to any WellStar hospital!

Rating: 1 /5

Windy Harris

This is the worst place to go please stay away.I went there I was told that I had the flu and strep my blood pressure was 220 /130 they took blood from me which they were not suppose to because my blood was high I could have died once my samples came back the doctor said I just have a winter cold what cold but they gave me meds for bronchitis and blood pressure before I left they checked my blood pressure again it was 154/103 they let me go which they were not suppose to let me go home until my blood pressure was low then when I got my paperwork they put my blood pressure was 152/81 false info.A young lady that was there had appendicitis she was crying in pain throwing up the staff walking by her didn’t take her to the emergency room they could have burst and she could have die. They just told her husband to take her back up front once they got her blood samples .This is a very untrustworthy place don’t go there you are better off going to Cobb Wellstar.If you don’t care about sick people then you don’t need to be in the medical field that means you are just there to collected a check and that’s it

Rating: 1 /5

Kristina saffo

Why is there not a zero? This hospital is very dirty. Floor was nasty, and blankets has stains. Staff was so slow. And always on cell phone in the hall. The room we were in looked like at one point it was being worked on. But now it is just unfinished drywall. Worst experience in my life. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!