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Consumer feedback about Wellstar Paulding Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

jill holub

the nurses were for the most part pretty good. if they did not like the readings they got on the vitals they would erase them until they got something better. Doctors came out of the woodwork. You could not know what was going on because they did not include you in the plan. scheduled procedure nothing to eat or drink 18 hours. went for procedure doctor said he did not have personnel to do it and canceled it. 45 minutes later they came and said they had someone to do it . I declined they took me back to my room and immediately discharged me. I told them I did not have a ride they said call a cab get her out of here. I left

Rating: 4 /5

Trisha Santiago

If you have to go to the ER you at least want a comfortable time. Paulding ER made that possible. When my daughter was three days old and spiked a fever I ended up in the ER. I was immediately taken back, a full workup was done and they kept in touch with my drs that delivered my daughter. It was a scary time for sure but they made it more comfortable. My only issue was the waiting room is very small and crammed. I would hate to be there during flu season because you are bound to be stuck next to someone who is sick.

Rating: 5 /5

Stan Herring

This facility and the people that work at the Paulding Hospital are top notch. I just had surgery there and they made me feel so at ease. They were punctual, good at what they do, and performed so many preventive things on me so I wouldn’t get infected, blood clots, sick, etc.... The hospital is beautiful too. This was just a great experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Allyson Karpew

I went into the ER at 5. I wasn’t seen till 7 close to 8 didn’t leave till 10:30 ish. They were all talking to each other not doing their job if you ask me. When i was being seen they said they were going to do blood work never did. I tried calling several times but NOBODY answered my EMERGENCY CALL from my room, i even had to go out of my room just to tell them what was going on. This hospital has not and never will change. 👋🏽

Rating: 1 /5

t renee

The staff at this hospital is very rude and unprofessional! I had got hurt on my job and I thought this hospital would be great since it was a new hospital, but noooooooo my experience was so horrible! They put me and my 3 children in a small room with no bed and only one chair. When I asked them can I get a bigger room because I didn't want my children sitting on their dirty nasty floors. The guy got very nasty with me and said this was all they had ,but I notice there was a empty room next to mine! While testing my urine they left the urine cup in my room with the top off for hours !("disgusting") The aid they had working was very unprofessional with a nasty attitude ! ( It seem to me that the aid hated her job because her customer service skills suck!!! ) I will not be returning back to this hospital ever again! I didn't feel welcome and didn't do anything to get treated like that ! Next time I will take my money elsewhere! Overall I would give this place a negative -3 stars.