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Consumer feedback about West Palm Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Kim Wilson-Price

The most horrible, unorganized, unfriendly staff who know absolutely nothing about emergency treatment. My friend was literally laying in the street outside the ER door, he couldn’t stand up, could not walk needed immediate help and absolutely no one would help us. They gave me a wheelchair for him to climb into. If I had someone off the street help me get him back into my car and took him to Palm Beach Gardens where he needed immediate help. Thanks for nothing but wasting my time. A person could die in the waiting. If you even need just a Band-Aid don’t bother going here, as you will get no help. Worst experience ever in an emergency situation

Rating: 1 /5

Kathy Herbert

The doctors that treated me were wonderful. The majority of the nurses that took care of me were exceptional. But it only takes a couple of really bad nurses to leave a bad taste in my mouth to the care I received after cancer surgery. I personally will never return to that hospital until they get rid of the nurses that should not be taking care of really sick people like myself! You need to do a rehaul and take these comments seriously.

Rating: 1 /5

Kayy Lynn

i came in with my father that dr.spencer (in the E. R) was beyond rude and talked to me and my father like we were dumb and his whole attitude was as if we were bothering him when we came in. the nurses were nice. I will be calling the corporate. if your dying chose another hospital. because customer service sucks here. yall deserve no stars.

Rating: 1 /5

Allan Nemore

This hospital is AWEFUL! My almost 92 year old Father N' Law, who lives with us on The West Coast had a heart attack on his way to a Cuise Ship leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale 13 Days ago. Long story short, he had to have 3 Stents put in and then develooed numonia, and my wife who is his primary Care taker requested multiple times to have a doctor call her. NO CALL!! How can a doctor at this hospital not call this man's daughter? UNBELIEVABLE! The care he received was not much better, as my wife spoke to her dad a few times each day. Then the.last few days as he was scheduled to be transported, became a fiasco! The Social worker, who we thought was good and working for him, ended up being a liar and did what was easiest for her. Thank God for Sarasota Memorial Rehab and Jessica who finally became involved late this afternoon as she rembered him from a few YEARS AGO and he is being transported in a little while! VERY SAD JFK!

Rating: 1 /5

Tamara Bennett

This is by far the worst hospital and experience. My dad suffered a mini stroke. We rushed to the hospital to see him. While going thru er the metal detectors threw us off. What also threw us off was the security played for a half an hour on his phone and every two mins was using the toilet which is concerning its a small room you can hear the toilets flush he was not using the toilet. My sister had to call the hospital to see why er hasnt let us thru yet that was 45 mins waiting. They only let me thru, we waited another hour to see why my fiance was allowed back. I asked 3 medical staff personell no answers. So my sister had to call back a 2nd time. It's not like he showed up after me we came together. The other concerning part was my dad had to use the bathroom we timed the nurses took them an hour and fifteen mins to come to his room to give him a portable urinal to pee in. There were a few nurses not doing anything we asked during this and were told his nurse will be in a minute. How hard is it to grab one and hand it to him? The other concerning part is they are trying to prevent him from having a major stroke and none of his bedside rails were up so had he had one he could've fallen and got injured. They only put the rails up when they were admitting him to the 3rd floor. The disgusting part is when the rails went up they were covered in blood that wasn't his. I took pictures of it and plan to post it. You're better off dying than going to this disgusting institution. We could also feel racism towards us as we were the only white people in the hospital. And being In medical care my self the tests they are doing right now on him currently shouldve been done in er last night as strokes can be deadly.