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Consumer feedback about Wilkes-Barre General Hospital

Dr Mike Ecker
Dr Mike Ecker

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Mixed Bag But Few Stars If You Need The ER!

My wife and I arrived to a packed emergency room on a Saturday afternoon. Know those commercials promising to see someone within a half-hour? Well, it took at least that and that was just to get preliminary information - a kind of stall.

Though in big pain and desperate for a bed, it was over three hours before she got placed in a transitional room with bed. From this point on, care seems to have gotten better - except for at least two misdiagnoses (no, not a foreign bug; no, not hepatitis or jaundice) before getting the gall bladder as main problem.

So, surgery was finally scheduled for the next day (two days after arriving in the ER)... until that was canceled! My wife, still in pain more of the time than not, and in tears, did not even know why or when new date would be. The nurses seem to take their good sweet time responding to beeping alarms going off or getting patients pain meds. But, to be fair, they might just be following doctor instructions on that last point. Other than that, the nurses were very nice, and thus two stars instead of the one that may be the real earned grade.

Oh, and short-term parking for emergency area? Non-existent.

P.S. Not a medical doctor (just a mathematician), but unclear to me why one would follow gall stone removal with removal of gall bladder later after gall bladder healed? Huh?

I shudder to see the bills for her co-insurance, deductibles, ambulance ride, etc.

Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I’m only putting one star because I don’t think you can put zero stars ? NEVER take a loved one to this hospital ! My sister almost overdosed on Christmas. I was traveling home for the Holidays and made it home to go straight to the ER at this hospital. They gave me attitude that I had my guitar with me and told me I had to leave it in the car. Guitars get ruined in the car. They wouldn’t let me take the guitar back in my sisters room. They then LIED to me and said my sister, who almost died, didn’t want to see me and I’m not allowed back. That WAS NOT true. My sister was asking them over and over again for me to come back so I can pray with her. It was Christmas! We were there for 7 hours and they wouldn’t let me go back and see my sister. My mom is in surgery the day after in another hospital and I have to call and see if my sister has been discharged yet and they wouldn’t tell me. They continually didn’t try to help me. i wanted to file a complaint and the customer service lady told me “she doesn’t want to deal with my drama and hung up on me” the ER transferred me to Crisis Center because they didn’t want to tell me if my sister was still there and Crisis Center literally picked up the phone. And then hung up. I never complain like this so you know this is a horrible place to go. Never ! Never ! Never ! Go to this hospital. They don’t have kind hearts. It seems like the majority of customer service has wicked and cold hearts. I’m so upset with their service, I am making sure to file a complaint with the State about this being one of the worst hospitals in the United States. Employees.. it’s time to start looking for another job......

Management needs to do a better job at training their workers to operate with compassion and respect. It is NOT a crime to want to sing a song to your sister who almost died on Christmas.

Whoever reads this, please spread the word and go to Berwick Hospital instead. I took my mom there this morning for surgery and they were kind and gave me free breakfast for the hardships we were dealing with. They weren’t cold hearted.

Kate Hodle
Kate Hodle

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

If there was a way to give this hospital negative stars believe me I would.

It only took two weeks to get my mother real diagnosis. They only shoved tons of laxatives and laxative drinks down her throat and kept telling her she was constipated so they can’t admit her into the hospital. Finally after pain and a agony they admit. Two days into her hospital visit the surgeon has to be called in because now she finally has a huge hole in her colon and they had to take 10 inches off of her intestines. She only weights 95 pounds and was literally dying. But as the nurses will say your mom was never an urgent patient she is just constipated. This hospital Is unprofessional.

So now my mother must suffer for the next 3 months and be on bed rest majority of the time. Until she is able to get better. This is all because lack of care for a patient who was seriously ill and no one took her seriously.

She took and ambulance to the ER because she figured she wouldn’t have to wait because she was in so much pain... mind you this was her third visit there. We paid for ambulance ride just for here to be placed In the waiting room because her vitals here fine and she was not an urgent patient..... they said they had no beds while I walked back to the room with her I seen plenty of beds available. The charge nurse was awful and was very rude and said “let me tell you somethign that is not how hospital work she won’t come first because there are other people before her that are more important.. your mother is stable” sorry but just because she was stable doesn’t mean she is okay she obviously had fluid leaking in her... this place is incredibly horrible.

The staff here is horrible in the emergency and pediatric unit where they placed my mother. Every time you ask the nurses a question they play dumb and say things like “well what do you want me to tell you... you’re mother had surgery?”

Samantha Kalina
Samantha Kalina

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I went into this ER and was charged over $5,500 (in-network!) for a routine blood test, urine test and an ultrasound. I never saw a doctor, never received any medication, and was never in a hospital bed. I sat in a chair by myself for 2.5 hours while nurses walked in and out of my room without a word to get supplies for other rooms, then paid my $75.00 co-pay and left, with no answers and no treatment to resolve my health issue. I was told by the discharging nurse to go home and make an appointment with my regular doctor instead, which I obviously would have done in the first place if I wasn’t having an emergency and needed treatment now.

Today, three and a half weeks later, I received an additional ER bill in the mail ONE BUSINESS DAY before it’s due. I called customer service and was told I need an itemized list of charges to dispute the bill, but that it had to be ordered because “it is not their policy to provide one unless it is requested,” and therefore, I could not see the itemized bill BEFORE the bill is due.

What an asinine policy.

Terrible patient care. Terrible customer service policies. Outrageously(!!!) terrible billing practices. $5,500 plus my $75 co-pay for routine tests and no treatment on an otherwise healthy 30 year old woman is absolutely ridiculous. Stay away from Commonweath Health.

UPDATE 01/08/2019: ... As you can see by their generic reply below, Commonweath Heath finally acknowledged my complaint.. FOUR months after I wrote it. More great “customer service” ...!

Regina Croto
Regina Croto

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

The experience in my lifetime with hospitals was always grueling and miserable to say the least. As a ICU patient the care of the staff and the doctors following up was mind blowing to actually know what was going on throughout my whole experience. Never having a major heart attack before the ordeal was shaking. The food was tasty for a gluten free and dairy free lifestyle lead and transitioned through with the help of the dietion. All my visitors we treated with respect. As a Floridian the difference in care was amazing and stress free for the first time in my hospital experience. Thankful to the heart specialist team, doctors and nursing staff. My stay was almost a week and everyday was blessed by great staff.

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