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MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System can help deliver fewer medical errors, more revenue for hospitals, faster patient throughput and higher patient satisfaction scores. Designed by physicians and nurses, more clinicians use our system than any other EDIS.

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(5 reviews)


The office looks fine from outside

Cyndi Liddle

The service they provide is admirable but with the company shifting to more of a 'metrics' concern, rather than focusing on the client issues and customer focus, the company is quickly turning into a place no one wants to work for. I do not recommend this place unless you are using it as a stepping stone to advance your career. Most of the people are great, it is the management that is the problem. When it was HMS, it was awesome; this is no longer the case. I understand a business must make profits but they need to remember the employee who actually gets them where they are.

Sheri Giargiari

Terrible company to work for. Bullies employees.

Johnny-Estuardo Espinoza

Werner Mendoza

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