Patient Log EMR for iPad

What is Patient Log EMR for iPad?

Quick Facts

Practice Size

  • 1 - 100+ Physicians



  • Multi-Specialty

Operating Systems

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About Patient Log EMR for iPad

Patient Log EMR is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) utility that is available on the apple iPad (iPhone soon to follow). Patient Log can be used by medical professionals to keep track of their patients present and past.

Fields Captured by Patient Log EMR

  • Date/Time of admission
  • Name
  • Age / DOB
  • Location (For example Ward A)
  • Sex
  • Allergies
  • Photos against each record
  • Current Issues
  • Past History
  • Medications
  • Case notes - Auto date stamp and Location
  • Text
  • Audio Notes
  • Photos

Current Features of Patient Log EMR for iPad

  • Search For Patient by name or UR number
  • Create custom Locations (For Example ‘In Patient’, ‘Out Patient’, Ward A..)
  • View Patients by Location
  • Create case notes against a Patient complete with Photos text and audio notes
  • Send patients via email
  • Add medication from a Drugs database with dose
  • Easy Google search functionality on each Drug
  • Customizable quick text keyboard - Users can create custom colour coded buttons to enter text.
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