Speech Recognition Feature of EMR



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Speech recognition is the ability of a computer to understand the spoken word for the purpose of receiving commands and transforming speech into text. Many EMR and EHR systems allow the use of speech recognition to increase efficiency of inputting clinical notes.

Benefits of voice recognition feature in an EMR

Voice recognition software can help create medical reports in a fraction of the time it may normally take physicians. This is particularly true for practices that use tablets, such as the iPad, that do not have a physical keyboard to take notes with. While typing on computers and tablets is faster and more accurate than handwritten notes, speech recognition software allows physicians to record around 160 words per minute. This allows physicians to include more detailed data in a medical record that may have been excluded due to time constraints, helping to create more accurate and complete records. With accurate speech recognition software, this type of technology can increase reporting efficiency and the amount of details in medical report, leading to better patient care.

Speech recognition software

There are some speech recognition software available for use specifically with EMR and EHR systems. However, when searching for speech recognition software it is important to ensure that the system will fit with your practice’s existing or potential EMR. This will allow physicians to directly record in a patient’s medical record instead of using two separate systems that can cause lost data.

One of the more frequently used medical speech recognition software is Dragon Medical. It can integrate with various EMR and EHR software and has been rated favorably by physicians in various specialties. Find EMR software that features Dragon Medical speech recognition software here.