Help your child eat well


How do I get my child to eat better

How do you help support your child’s healthy eating habits? Eating together as a family is one of the best ways to teach children to eat well.

As parents, we have a responsibility to provide our kids with healthy food options, but how can we ensure they make nutritious choices for themselves when they get older.

 Get your child to eat better:

Here are some ideas:

  • Get them involved in the process. Let them help pick out or prepare meals and snacks.

What skills does cooking teach kids?

Teaching kids basic kitchen skills fosters independence and self-confidence in young learners that will last a lifetime. Plus, it’s healthier than letting them outside of the kitchen all day!

  • Serve simple foods with easy ingredients that are recognizable and pronounceable. Avoid exotic foods that may be unfamiliar to the kids and hard to pronounce.

How do you teach children the importance of nutrition?

  • Whatever you serve, be sure to talk about it: Let your child help with cooking dinner, or have a section of their favorite food magazine available where they can make a chart listing ingredients and serving suggestions. If possible, let them help plan meals by drawing up a menu and making shopping lists.

How can we promote childhood nutrition?

  • Buy them healthy options at the grocery store. Purchase healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy prepackaged items like premium granola bars and fruit mixes. Also encourage them to buy some store-bought juice boxes or sodas that are made from 100% juice (not sweetened).
  • Be a good role model. Children are more likely to choose foods that parents like, so if you prepare healthy meals, your kids will learn by example and want to do the same! Focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables (healthy snacks). Fresh or frozen is best. Prepare side dishes that are low in fat or sodium, and limit high-fat foods like butter and fried foods.
  • Cut out TV snacks. Sure everyone loves popcorn with their favorite show, but make this a special treat rather than something expected every time the TV is turned on.

A balanced diet and good nutrition help our children live a healthy life and avoid chronic diseases. Learn here all about Healthy Eating for Children