EMR Advertising with MedicalRecords.com

EMR Advertising with MedicalRecords.com

MedicalRecords.com has a variety of ways to help your business, including highly targeted EMR advertising to physicians, dentists and other allied health professionals. Because of the highly fragmented market and the difficulty in reaching physicians, online advertising is increasingly becoming the most cost-effective way to market in the highly competitive electronic medical records category.

MedicalRecords.com offers a unique and premium opportunity to electronic medical records advertising.

The site is heavily targeted to private practice doctors, practice managers, clinical business managers, healthcare IT professionals, EMR vendors, EHR vendors, EMR consultants, and other health care professionals. This provides a great platform for online advertising in the healthcare IT industry.

Because of our unbiased approach to EMR advertising, companies in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Personal Medical Records (PMR) space are not eligible to advertise directly on our website. We feel it would hinder our ability to offer our physicians customers the highest quality information. Electronic medical records and PMR firms can market themselves with our Featured Listing service.  We also have a limited number of sponsorships available.

EMR advertising on MedicalRecords.com is perfect for electronic medical records vendors, EHR Vendors and healthcare IT support companies who want to reach the ambulatory and outpatient physician. For more information about any of these EMR advertising or sponsorship offerings, please contact Angel Djambazov at customtailoredmarketing@gmail.com.

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