Best Hospital in Los Angeles


There are many hospitals in Los Angeles, but not all offer the same services and quality standards. According to our knowledge and records, we have compiled a list of the three best hospitals in Los Angeles.

1. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

This hospital was founded in 1955; it is located right on the UCLA campus located in West Los Angeles. Each floor of the hospital is designed to serve specific medical specialties. Moreover, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center hosts dedicated rooms for resident doctors, a pharmacy, respiratory therapy laboratories, and room service for patients to order food whenever they want.

What makes this hospital better than the others?

  • Surgical Suites: These suites are furnished with innovative medical equipment and audiovisual integration systems.
  • GONDA ​​observation: This unit is managed by a specialized team dedicated to observing particular symptoms. It helps define which short-stay patients need to continue with the cure for that specific symptom or if they can be considered outpatient visits.
  • The BirthPlace Westwood: The BirthPlace is a familiar environment with rooms that can turn into a state-of-the-art operating room in just a few minutes, allowing women to cherish every moment of their birthing experience.
  • First level trauma center: The center is equipped with CT scanners, through which doctors can diagnose patients within minutes after they arrive at the facility.
  • Intensive Care Unit: This is where the most severely ill patients are treated with an approach called “line of sight,” ensuring 360-degree access to those patients.
  • Stroke specialist: Thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and highly prepared specialists, thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and highly prepared specialists, the GuidelinesTM Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award is thanks to its cutting-edge equipment.

The property is very reliable. It has been designed to withstand a Richter magnitude earthquake greater than 8.0 without significant structural failure. In addition, the hospital will remain fully operational, independent of external resources, for the crucial 72 hours following a significant earthquake, exceeding required performance standards.

2. PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital

This property is located on Wilshire Boulevard. The hospital is equipped with 408 beds, 32 surgery services, and a staff of 625 Medicals members.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of clinical services as:

  • Cardiology
  • Heart surgery
  • Acute rehabilitation
  • Radiology
  • Emergency services
  • Laboratory and podiatry
  • Physical therapy
  • Neuroscience
  • Cancer>

Besides, the hospital offers many support services that build a comfortable environment, making each patient’s stay as pleasant as possible. This hospital is one of the top five hospitals in Los Angeles. You can count on a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and other professionals with enormous experience in this facility.

Another point of strength of this hospital is the patient information service. Patient representatives can produce every kind of information one patient may need; they will:

  • Listen to you and dispel any doubts
  • Facilitate communications with staff
  • Explain hospital policies and procedures
  • Explain the rights and responsibilities of the patient

3. Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

Los Angeles Children’s Hospital is located on Sunset Blvd. It has an emergency room and 495 beds. Each year, this hospital treats thousands of children with various pathologies.

This is one of the best hospitals in Los Angeles as it ranked 5th place amongst the best children’s hospitals in the United States, by US News & World Report on the honor list of publications.

The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles consists of five departments:

  1. Surgery
  2. Anesthesiology and critical care medicine
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Pathology and laboratory medicine
  5. Radiology and imaging

Young patients here can count on over 800 clinical experts and the domestic staff working at the hospital.

This hospital is home to The Saban Research Institute (TSRI), one of the largest and most productive pediatric research centers in the Western United States. Specifically, it researches to investigate the origins of the development of health and disease. More than 400 lecturers collaborate on this research to fight cancer, heart disease, brain disorders, autism, obesity, and diabetes.