Health Design Challenge Winners Announced


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The Health Design Challenge has just announced winning patient medical record redesign submissions. The best overall design winner, titled Nightingale, was described as “A medical record that is dynamic, holistic, understandable, and personalized, Nightingale will empower us to be smarter about our own health.” Some screenshots of this winning patient medical record design, from the Health Design Challenge website, are below. To see the full list of winners in various categories, visit the Health Design Challenge website.

The Health Design Challenge aims to redesign patient medical records.This project challenge is hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Through this competition they hope to have creative designers transform patient medical records that are in plain-text Blue Button file into a format that makes the information easy for patients to understand and improve the patient experience.

To find out more about the Health Design Challenge, visit the website or read our previous blog post.