PatientSafe Raises $20M for Hospital Mobile Device

In order to make the iPod Touch, and thus the app, fit for a clinical setting, PatientSafe Solutions also provides an iPod Touch case that protects the device from liquids and drops, includes an extra battery pack, and comes with a bar code scanner.

Other EHR software companies have also included mobile options that can integrate with their EHR systems. However, PatientTouch offers hospitals a more overall management tool that is simple and efficient. So far around 7,000 PatientTouch devices are used on a daily basis.


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Take Good Care of Your Gums in Your 60s and They’ll Take Care of You Forever


I grew up seeing some of my older relatives remove their ‘teeth’ before going to bed. Sometimes, they expressed discomfort with chewing or dentures that were either too tight or too loose. I decided early on in my life that I was not going to go down that same road.

As the saying goes, “ignore your teeth and they will go away.” I wanted to keep my teeth because my smile was just too important to me!

So, I go to the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings, floss daily and avoid sugary foods. During my visits, my dentist or hygienist usually says things along the line of “keep your gums healthy and they will help keep you healthy.”

I always smile and thank them for the advice. Honestly though, I just wrote their comments off as great marketing – a way to keep me coming back.

I now know that they were giving me sound advice since research is proving more and more that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Also, people with gum disease may have a higher risk of various other conditions such as diabetes, dementia and cardiovascular problems.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an inflammation of the gum line that can affect the bone that supports and surrounds your teeth. Just like your intestines, your mouth is home to different types of bacteria. When all the types of bacteria are in balance, your gums are protected from disease-causing bacteria.

However, disturbing the bacteria balance provides an opening for disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms to invade the gums.

According to the British Dental Journal, activities like smoking, taking certain medications like antibiotics, poor oral hygiene and poor diet may disturb the balance of bacteria in our mouth and enhance the activity of these disease-causing bacteria.

This increase in disease-causing bacteria generally results in your body’s immune system, and the white blood cells that get rid of them, to produce substances that not only destroy the bacteria but also damage your gum tissue. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to loss of teeth.

How Can You Be Proactive?

While going to your dentist regularly, brushing and flossing, and reducing your sugar intake will go far in preventing bacterial infection and reducing inflammation of your gums, those steps alone are not enough.

You may want to avoid smoking because people who smoke are more likely to develop gum disease. Also, discuss with your doctor any effect the medications you take may have on your gums.

Consider using a periobiotic toothpaste. I have been using this specialized toothpaste for over a year. It reportedly has a probiotic that competes with the unhealthy strains of oral bacteria and helps to maintain my gums healthy.

Finally, you need…

4 dead, over 26 injured in poll chaos in Nyanza, Machakos

A medic at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's Teaching

Three people have been killed and more than two dozens injured in chaos related to repeat presidential election in Nyanza.

Two of the victims died after police and anti-election protesters, allied to the National Supper Alliance (Nasa), clashed in Kisumu and Homa Bay on Thursday.


The third, an unidentified man, was killed when a mob attacked him in the wee hours of Thursday morning at Car Wash in Migosi Ward.

The man shot in Kisumu died while undergoing treatment.

According to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital Chief Executive Officer Juliana Otieno, Mr George Odhiambo succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Of the 16 casualties rushed to the hospital by 2pm on Thursday, at least six suffered gunshot wounds, doctors said.

The victims claimed they were dragged out of their houses and clobbered as some were shot by anti-riot police.

Bonfires lit near Kondele Polling station in
Bonfires lit near Kondele Polling station in Kisumu on October 26, 2017. At least four people have been shot in Kisumu and Migori in the on-going protests against voting. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Mr Odhiambo was allegedly shot at Mamboleo.

He suffered gunshot wounds on the thigh and the groin and was bleeding profusely before he passed on.

Mr Chrispine Ochieng, 20, who is receiving treatment at the hospital, claimed he was shot in Nyalenda after he was dragged out of the house.


He also sustained a gunshot wound in the groin and is currently admitted to the hospital.

Mr Bernard Osiako, another patient, said he was on his way from town when he was hit by a bullet on the shoulder at Muskiti area near Kondele.

“The police officer who shot me was at the fly over. I was not part of the demo,” said Mr Osiako, a mechanic.

Others who were also injured were Samuel Ooko who was shot on the knee in Mamboleo, while Godfrey Ochieng suffered gunshot wounds on the neck in Manyatta.

Mr Duncan Baraza, who was allegedly clobbered
Mr Duncan Baraza, who was allegedly clobbered in Nyalenda, Kisumu County at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital on October 26, 2017. PHOTO | RUSHDIE OUDIA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Mr Duncan Baraza, 26-year-old Joyce Omollo and Brian Omondi were clobbered at Nyalenda, Manyatta and Wathorego estates, respectively,…