PatientSafe Raises $20M for Hospital Mobile Device


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PatientSafe Solutions, a medical technology company based in San Diego, has recently received an additional $20 million in Series C round financing by Merck’s Global Health Innovation Fund. Since 2010, the company has raised a total of $50 million. PatientSafe Solutions is revolutionizing how technology is used in clinical settings through their iPod Touch app, PatientTouch, which was launched in 2010.

PatientTouch is a Mobile Care Orchestration solution that allows nurses to record and access up-to-date patient information. The app can integrate into a hospital’s existing EHR system for easy patient identification and treatment, procedure, and medication verification. With PatientTouch, nurses can access real-time information, manage notification and workflow tasks, and even communicate with nurses and physicians. See how the app works here.

In order to make the iPod Touch, and thus the app, fit for a clinical setting, PatientSafe Solutions also provides an iPod Touch case that protects the device from liquids and drops, includes an extra battery pack, and comes with a bar code scanner.

Other EHR software companies have also included mobile options that can integrate with their EHR systems. However, PatientTouch offers hospitals a more overall management tool that is simple and efficient. So far around 7,000 PatientTouch devices are used on a daily basis.