The 2-Minute Guide: EMR or EHR Migration


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Installing or upgrading to a new EMR / EMR system requires careful planning to integrate your data and make sure your office workflow is either properly supported or that needed changes are identified.

Successful migration to a new or upgraded EMR system will depend on careful and individualized analysis and planning, which will need to be re-visited and updated as implementation progresses.

EHR implementation into your office starts with an appraisal of current workflow. There are numerous formal methodologies which can help, ranging from Six Sigma (made famous initially by General Electric) to Total Quality Management. While documenting your current workflow in its entirety-from patient scheduling to the completion of a patient visit-is a start, identifying possibilities for a re-design of workflow elements is the goal. EMR migration may eliminate steps in patient check-in, or as is often the case, allow for patients to schedule a visit and complete the check-in process almost entirely without staff intervention.

To find out more, view the following 2-Minute Guide EMR or EHR Migration.

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