Toilet training 101


Toilet training is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood for many parents. Here’s what you need to know about toilet training your child.

When to Start toilet training?

If your child is able to communicate his or her needs, then he or she may be ready for potty training. Make sure that their vocabulary includes words like “wet” and “poop” (or another word they use to describe their elimination). And, of course, always answer when your child asks if they can use the toilet after using the diaper or a potty seat.

What is the normal age for toilet training?

Toilet training success requires that your child is physically and emotionally ready. The best approach is to wait until your child demonstrates readiness for toilet training. Most children are ready between 18-24 months. Toilet training problems are often related to parents forcing their child to use the toilet before they are ready.

A parent’s role is one of encouragement and support, not coercion. Consistency is key in toilet training success, so don’t be tempted to back off whenever your child exhibits ‘accidents’.

Confused about how to start toilet training and how long does it take? here is all what you need to know about toilet training?