What is an APS? (Attending Physician Statement)


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What is an attending physician statement (APS)?

APS (Attending Physician Statement) is a form required by insurance companies whenever applying for insurance. The form is filled by a physician illustrating the exact medical status of the insured person and if he is suffering any medical condition that conflicts with the insurance plan.

Who completes an attending physician’s statement APS?

Attending Physician statements must be filled out only by a certified physician. The form will be rejected if filled and signed by a non-physician such as a nurse or assistant.

How do I fill out an Attending Physician Statement?

You might be requested to approach your doctor to fill out the Attending Physician Statement or the carrier may send it directly. Meeting the doctor while filling the statement is better as you will be able to answer any questions the doctor may have and avoid any mistakes with the statement.

Why do I need an attending physician statement?

An Attending Physician Statement form (APS) is one of the main ways that an insurance company obtains information about your medical status. You need to show the APS to the insurance company in order to evaluate your condition and the level of risk bared by the company if it approves your insurance.

When do insurance companies request an APS?

Insurance companies request an attending physician when a person applies for an insurance plan like medical or life insurance. It gives the insurance company information about the person’s medical status and if the person is suffering any current medical problems.

What are the benefits of APS?

The main benefit of APS is giving the insurance company a full image of the insured person’s medical status and if suffering any medical condition that should be excluded from the insurance plan. It is used to evaluate the risk level with each insurance request.

What does a physician statement look like?

A physician statement contains the patient’s personal information as well as the medical history including past medical conditions, treatments applied, and results. It also includes information about the current medical status and if the patient is currently under any kind of treatment or medications.

What should be included in a physician’s statement?

The physicians’ statement includes information about your current medical condition along with your medical history such as past surgeries or treatments. If the physician statement is for disability benefits, it will also include questions about the physical body condition and if you are capable of performing certain tasks.

Why is my Physician’s statement important to my disability claim?

The purpose of the APS is for your doctor to certify your inability to work. It is important for disability claims since it is a way to show that you cannot perform any work and you are qualified to get disability benefits.

What conditions are considered a disability?

Any condition under which a person cannot perform any kind of work is considered a disability. If the disabled person is not qualified to do any physical work and at the same time his condition does not allow him to do office work, it will be considered a condition of disability.

What happens if I submit an APS from the wrong doctor?

The purpose of submitting the APS to the right doctor who is in charge is because your doctor holds your medical history and is aware of your medical condition. If you submit the APS to the wrong doctor, he might not be able to provide full information about your medical condition or some information might be inaccurate, it can be a reason for the APS to be denied.