Best Fitness Tracking Apps and Websites

Best Fitness Tracking Apps and Websites

Staying in shape is hard and that’s why our team at has created a list of the best mobile apps and websites to track your fitness. Use these resources to keep track of your fitness, get motivated, or find workouts with our personal fitness tracking mobile apps!

1. BitGym
BitGym develops free and paid apps for your iPad or iPhone that interact with your cardio workout to maximize your potential and make your workout fun.


2. Blisslogik
FitnessBliss is a free fitness tracking app that allows individuals with an intermediate knowledge of working out to create personalized workout routines and track their progress.


3. Comprendo
comprendoDigifit is a free mobile app that personalizes and tracks your cardio workout. The mobile app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


4. Dailyburn 
dailyburnDailyBurn helps to achieve your fitness goals via fitness plans, online workouts, and nutritional tracking, which you can try with a free trial. Lose weight and get toned with enjoyable workout videos.


5. Everyday Better
evbeEveryday Better is an affordable version of a personal trainer in your pocket. The website offers workout videos and printable exercise routines without the commute to the gym and expensive contracts.


6. EveryMove
everymoveEveryMove tracks your fitness plan and motivates you by rewarding you with local gift cards and such when you reach your fitness goals. It is completely free to sign up for this health app.


7. Explorence
explorenceExplorence created a mobile app that makes outdoor fitness a game with the use of sensors in your iPhone. Their latest app is called Bulldash and makes running fun.


8. Fibit
fitbitFitbit offers a variety of fitness tracking products, such as wireless trackers, a wi-fi smart scale and mobile apps, to track your daily fitness and health.


9. Fitocracy
Fitocracy helps you reach your fitness goals with a mobile app along with a social network-esque feed and pushes you to “level up in real life,” whether it be lose 10 pounds or run your next marathon.


10. GAIN Fitness
GAIN offers both an online website and a mobile app to help you reach your fitness goals. It is essentially a personal trainer in your pocket with digital training packs and audio cues.


11. GymPact
ed3b115a4c74be21b02c15a8869a73fc_biggerGymPact pushes you to commit to your planned workouts but rewarding you with money paid by those who don’t make their workouts that week.


12. HealthRally
healthrallyHealth Rally is an online social hub that allows friends and family to pledge rewards, such as cash, to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.


13. Mindbodyfinder
mindbodyMindbodyfinder serves as an search engine and booking tool for local fitness classes. The workout class finder offers over 80539 classes today.


14. Misfit Wearables
misfitMisfit Wearable sells wearable waterproof fitness trackers that syncs with the mobile app with just touching the two objects.


15. MyFitness Pal

fitnesspalMyFitness Pal is a diet and fitness tracking community and offers a mobile app to track your progress when on the go.


16. Retrofit

retrofitRetrofit offers a data-driver weight loss program with private lessons with experts.


17. RunKeeper
runkeeperRunKeeper is a social fitness tracker app.


18. Skimble
skimbleSkimble is an online network and app that offers thousands of workouts, custom programs and an active community.


19. Sportlyzer

sportlyzerSportlyzer is a coaching and workout log for sport clubs. This program helps you plan, measure, and analyze your performance with a free trial.


20. SportyPal
sportypal100x100_biggerSporty Pal is an tracking and training app for fitness activities. It helps you improve your running or cycling performance with your GPS enabled smart phone.


21. Sworkit
Nexercise is a free mobile app that turns working out into a game by connecting you with friends, creating challenges with rewards. They just came out with a brand new version so try it today!


22. Wello
68004df75ce8182312e33c8313a45126_biggerWello offers one-on-one or group classes with trainers with two way video. They offer virtually every type of class, including Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Prana Yoga, Kickboxing etc.


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