Why Buy Short Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance

  • Provides insurance during transitional periods
  • There’s no waiting period, so coverage can begin the day after your enrollment application is submitted
  • The length of a plans coverage can vary from 30 days to 1 year

The Basics

Short Term Health Insurance provides limited medical insurance for a predetermined period of time. The plans are characterized by reduced medical coverage levels and by insurance premiums and can be fifty percent less expensive than basic Obamacare plans. Since Short Term Health Insurance plans do not comply with minimum coverage standards of the Affordable Care Act’s (“ACA”), you will have to pay the federal “Shared Responsibility Tax”.

Short Term Health Insurance is useful for people who need transitional coverage (between jobs, for example), students studying abroad in the U.S., or for others for whom Obamacare is not ideal. While benefits are typically limited compared to ACA plans, a wide variety of healthcare providers accept Short Term Insurance.

Insurance Coverage

Benefits Typically Provided by Short Term Health Insurance

  • Doctor visits and specialist visits

  • Lab tests

  • X-Rays

  • Hospitalization

  • Emergency care

Short Term Health Insurance does not provide maternity care, and benefits like drug coverage may only be partially provided or not provided at all. Deductibles can be high, and payment allowances limited, so it’s important to carefully review these items in Short Term Plans.

Pre-existing Conditions

When applying for Short Term Health Insurance you will have to answer questions about your current health status and any indication that your health is poor could cause your application to be rejected.

Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by Short Term Health Insurance, so if you have had a new medical diagnosis in the last two years you should consider another option.

No Limits on Enrollment Period

Short Term Health plan enrollees are not limited to the Annual Enrollment Period that the Affordable Care Act requires.

Ideal Candidates for Short Term Health Insurance

  • People seeking health insurance for a limited time period

  • Healthy adults under the age of 65

  • Young adults who are unable to receive insurance through their parents’ health plan

  • Non-domestic students studying in the U.S.

  • If you do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act’s Special Enrollment Period and still need health insurance

  • People who are too young to apply for Medicare and are unable to receive insurance through an employer

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