Bowel Resection for Colorectal Cancer

Bowel Resection for Colorectal Cancer

Anatomy of the colon and rectum

The colon and rectum and where they are in the body
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slide 1 of 5, Anatomy of the colon and rectum,

The colon and rectum are the last parts of the bowel
(intestine). The bowel extends from the opening where food leaves the stomach
to the opening where feces leave the body (anus). The bowel helps to process
food, absorb nutrients and water, and get rid of waste.

Colon cancer site

Cancer in the wall of the descending colon
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slide 2 of 5, Colon cancer site,

Cancer is shown in a section of the descending

Bowel section removed

Section of colon removed
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slide 3 of 5, Bowel section removed,

Resection is another name for any operation that removes
tissue or part of an organ. Bowel resection, also called partial colectomy, for
colorectal cancer removes the tumor and part of the colon or rectum around the
tumor. Both ends of the bowel section being removed are stapled and cut. Nearby
lymph nodes, lymph drainage channels, and blood vessels are also

Bowel reattached

Ways the cut ends of the colon may be reattached
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slide 4 of 5, Bowel reattached,

The remaining ends of the bowel are reattached, either
end-to-end, side-to-side, or side-to-end.

Surgery scars

Comparison of laparoscopic surgery scars and open surgery scar
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slide 5 of 5, Surgery scars,

If you have laparoscopic surgery, you will have 3 to 6 small
scars. An example is in the picture on the left. Your surgeon may make 1 or 2
of the small openings a little bigger to allow space to complete the procedure.
If so, those scars will be a little longer than the others. If you have an open
resection, you will have one long scar. An example is in the picture on the

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