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372 W Cypress Ave, Reedley, CA 93654, USA
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Consumer feedback about Adventist Medical Center – Reedley

Rating: 1 /5

travis stratton

I have two experiences at this hospital. The first was when my wife started to bleed with our first pregnancy and we had to go to the emergency room at 3am. The doctor used long tongs and removed our approx 20 week old baby without asking us and lifted it up in front of my wife and I and said "It didn't make it". Then the doctor became upset when my wife started crying and told her to stop. The second experience was when our 1.5yr old daughter went in for a rash on Sunday and the assessment doctor said it was nothing and we left after being there a few minutes. We get a bill for over $1000 a few weeks later and when I called to get the bill reduced to something fair they fused and finally sent us to collections. This after I tried to pay a fair amount several times. Hopefully someone who cares at the hosp reads these reviews and will review our case and see that the hosp literally provided us zero services. We even paid the doctors separate bill because he actually did something if only for a few seconds for several hundred dollars.

Rating: 5 /5

Ashley gray

Friendly staff, very prompt and competent. I stayed for 4 days after my cesarean and was made very comfortable.

Rating: 4 /5

Genesis Del Bosque

Great nurse real caring, emergency room doctor fixed my health problem fast ! Reassigned all my doctors to this hospital!

Rating: 1 /5

Derek Rosas

I came here last with sharp pain in my side when I Breathed in. It felt like somebody sticking a pencil in my side. The ER physician , I can't remember his name but the last name was Greek, treated me like a drug seeker or something. It turns out I had left sided pleurisy and and pneumonia. The physician let me sit there in agony hours and sent me home without doing anything except a chest x-ray. Later on I found out I had valley fever, no thanks to emergency room at Reedley.

Rating: 1 /5

Johnathan Orellana

come here if you're prepared to die. came twice in one night for post tonsillectomy bleeding. first time i went in was for light bleeding and was sent home 30 minutes later. later that night/morning the bleeding had increased so we payed another visit to the emergency room and was sent home 30 minutes later, AGAIN, because i wasn't hemorrhaging (basically bleeding out) the night time desk clerk was extremely rude as well. DO NOT COME HERE. please consider visting your second nearest hospital.