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Consumer feedback about Alaska Native Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

annette merculief

I had my first child here at 16, didn't realize how bad the experience was until later when sharing my labor and delivery story. Most women can't believe how I was treated, I thought it was normal, it wasn't. They made me strip down to nothing saying they would come off anyway. They refused to give me anything for pain, I was allowed naproxen, something I could've bought at the drug store. I had Nexplanon implanted in my arm, its supposed to be there 3 years, great. I bled for 3 months straight, would go through 2 super tampons in an hour. Doubled over in pain, felt like someone was stabbing me. Doctor said it was normal, don't worry about it. I spent a lot of time in the ladies room in pain, and unable to do my job. The doctor was angry with me but I told her I would rather her take it out before they have to scoop out the parts of me that make me a woman. She was angry, and talked down to me. I was diagnosed with a treatable disease and the nurses were by the door talking about me like I wasn't a person. I've met a lot of good nurses and doctors here, they don't stay that way. I'm not sure if it's my age or my race they find so deplorable. As a patient I was left with very little dignity and treated with very little respect. There is a lot that they aren't teaching these people they let loose to care for people who seem to need it the most. 1/17/18 Still as unreliable an not helpful as they've always been. No one could tell me if they were in the network, passed around to 4 different people. I was going to get his referral sent over but the lady in internal medicine told me he would have to be seen in pediatrics before they would see him. He was seen by pediatrics on base that's how we got the referral.

Rating: 1 /5

Jan Tolen

My mother was brought in by ambulance and they put her in Trauma room 2 then she was move to the hallway with other patients who were stuck out in the hall way to block the entry way when or if they needed to bring patients in who are severely injured or ill. She was just told they were going to move her to another room in the ER area because they need to have the bays open for traumas I could understand that but to move her to the hallway right outside the trauma room she was just in is not right and to have other patients having to do the same and the cma/nurse/tech or doctor who has to come and ask questions to any of the patients laying on a bed in the hallway or check the patient in the hallway is not right. What ever happened to HIPPA laws patient privacy? There seems to be to much focus on who knows who and do you know who I am that patient care is failing here. It should not matter who the person knows, employees work hard and follow the policies that the hospital has this should be a reminder to anyone and everyone so no one has to be shoved into a hallway or pushed aside because someone knows someone and patient care discussed in a hallway with other patients who are in the same situation. The ER needs more space for patients who come in to be seen. And then maybe the providers won’t be rude or short with family members who feel this just isn’t right.

Rating: 4 /5

jasper j

The care I have gotten has been really good I have observed less than care to some of my immediate family though

Rating: 1 /5


I contracted bedbugs from their emergency room. It cost me 2,000 dollars for pesticide removal, over 4 weeks to get rid of them in my home. They need to do something to prevent further infestations to other patients.

Rating: 2 /5

Cristal Lewis

The staff are very rude and do discriminate no matter what you tell them once they have a idea of you and they DONT like you they abuse their power I'm dieing from kidney and heart failure and just cause I'm native they tried asking me for a breathalyzer thing after I said four times and was still made to take it before further service "I do not drink or do drugs." Never felt so low and disrespected in my life not all of them they do have some good people like Robin Basit if I am spelling that right awesome case manager